Thursday, April 17, 2014

That is Not Always True!

I have been at many bars and parties when, magically (and usually through vast quantities of alcohol), best friends have begun sucking each other's tits.  It truly is a special moment!!

Thong Thursdays - A Red Triangle

Love that little triangle right above her crack!

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Camel Toe Perfection

A Collection of Sexy GIFS   

A Tribute to Farm Girls

Lilly Roma - Our Favorite Lingerie

Former Hottie of the Day Lilly Roma is back in this sexy lingerie outfit complete with stockings and heels!

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Well Done Stifler!

Scene from the Movie American Reunion.

Ron Jeremy Has a Brand of Rum?

At least in Romania he does.  (Foto sent to us by Grigorie I.)

I am a frequent visitor of Liquor stores here in the U.S. and I have never ever seen it on the shelves here.

Davenport, Iowa Tried to Abolish Good Friday.

Found this article online from  Interesting...


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