Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hottie of the Day - Fitness Babe Amanda Lee

Make sure you check out her instagram page: 

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Jenni Gregg - Hottie of the Day

Check out all of our Former Hotties of the Day!

Not Sure If I Want the Mercedes or the Girl

...Screw IT - I'll take the Girl!

My Favorite Sayings

My Readers want to get to know me (Matt Harvath) better, so from time-to-time, I will be posting things about me!  Here are 10 of my favorite sayings:

1.  WHAT THE CRAP?!?!?!
2.  UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE - You have to pause between each syllable.
3.  Shut The Hell Up!!!
4.  Go to your Room!  - Heard often in my household - Usually directed towards the kids...but...
5.  AW SHIT!!!  
6.  I am putting that in my Blog. -- My friends now know that anything they say or do may end up in the blog.
7.  Dude, Don't even or I am gonna have to slap you!
8.  I shoulda been a Rapper
9.  Can't we Just Ship All The Dumb People to Oklahoma?
10.  WHO CARES?!?!?!  No Seriously, WHO CARES!?!?!?!  Does it look like I care?  Look at me?  NO!  I Don't Care so no one cares!!!

Random Thoughts - Worst Times To Have a Heart Attack

It would suck to have a Heart Attack:

1.  During a game of charades - Everyone would think you are acting it out.
2.  During a stand-up comedy routine - People would be laughing and thinking it is part of the act.

Famous Internet Firsts: Then and Now

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