Sunday, July 5, 2015

Screw MERS - I Want to Go to Korea!!!

I would risk getting MERS to spend some time with these beauties!!!

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Courtney Tailor - Our Favorite Bikinis

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Our Favorite Dresses - Super Hottie Adriana Lima

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Sexy Stockings and Heels - Our Favorite Lingerie

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Our Favorite Bikinis - Crocheted

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Carol Jasabe - Hottie of the Day

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You Will Never Forget This Picture

At First, I thought this was a guy I had seen at the Local Wal-Mart here in town, but I was wrong.  It was his older brother who left Iowa for the warm weather of California.  He wanted to be able to show off his bod year round!!!

Brings a Whole new Meaning to Aerosmith's Song "Dude Looks Like a Lady"  A REALLY UGLY LADY!!!

Why Are These People Staring?

Is it because the dude is walking 12 dogs Hands-Free or is it because the Dude is Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe)?

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