Friday, August 1, 2014

Jordan Carver Ready For the Surf

I thought that flotation devices were supposed to be worn OUTSIDE of your Swimsuit!!!

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Girls at the Gym

We are always trying to get our readers to hit the gym.  Here is some motivation for you!!!
Marcela Munoz Lamar
Eva Andressa

Elisabetta Gregoraci is Back in Two Sexy Bikinis

Former Hottie of the Day Elisabetta Gregoraci makes a return appearance to the blog, and she is looking HOT - As Always!!!

For those of you who do not know who Elisabetta Gregoraci is, she is a sexy Italian Supermodel who is married to an old Italian billionaire named Flavi Briatore (who is also the father to one of Heidi Klum's babies.)

Is she a Gold-Digger?  Who Cares!!!!  Look at that Body...

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Hottie of the Day - Iana Little

Playboy Model Iana Little is our Hottie of the Day. (NSFW Pics of her Playboy Photo Shoot are here.)

Check out the Video that follows the pics.

Here is the SFW Version of the Playboy Photo Shoot (NSFW Version is Here):

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A MILF Thought...

I never really thought about it until last night and my buddies and I were out drinking.  We were talking about MILFS and my friend Ronald told me he just started dating one.  Ronald is 23 and his girlfriend is 20 and has a kid.  Then we got into the debate about what is a MILF.  When I think of a MILF, I think of a woman who is 30+ years old, but I guess Ronald is correct. A MILF is any woman who has had a baby.  So that means all the chicks that have been on "16 and Pregnant" could be classified as "MILFS" (although there are many of them that I would never, ever sleep with!)  My how times are a-changin'!!!

Free Advice Fridays - Shucking Corn

Living in Iowa, I quickly learned how to shuck corn the right way.  Here is a handy GIF that will have you Shucking Corn like a Native Iowan!!!

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