Friday, August 28, 2015

Brittany Renner - Buns of Steel

You may have seen Brittany Renner on the blog showing off her soccer skills.  Now let us observe her sexy booty working out.

Have I mentioned She has an incredible Butt??? Enjoy!

Pamela Burgos - Our Favorite Lingerie

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It's a Great Day To Be at the Pool - Our Favorite Bikinis

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Free Advice Fridays - Courtesy of George Costanza

More Great Advice from Our “Free Advice Fridays” Series

I Like Debbie!!!

Debbie, you are a Cool Woman!  We think alike - Let's Hang Out sometime.  I will bring a bottle of Pinot Grigio!

College Tailgating Traditions - An Infographic

College Tailgating Traditions Infographic
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