Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chelsea Charms - World Record Boobs

Chelsea Charms, stripper and freaky girl, has a figure of 164XXX-23-34. Her boobs are still growing too.  The reason for the constant growth?  Polypropylene string breast implants...This stuff is injected in the breast and continuous irritate the breast pocket promoting the production of fluid. The fluid is then absorbed by the implant, resulting in continuous, gradual growth of the breast.

They currently weigh 26...EACH!!!!  She has to have Back Problems!
Sorry Chelsea, but that is just not attractive!  


  1. amazing..ha..ha..so biiiiggg..it makes me scarre

    1. I wouldn't like a chick with boobs that big. So unnatural!

  2. She should sue the doctor for malpractice. It doesn't matter what the patient wants, there comes a time when a doctor needs to remember his oath and refuse the procedure. Gross, Matt.



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