Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Annoying Facebook Shares

I think each and everyone one of us has friends on facebook who like to post or "Share" a few of these corny little pics each and every day.  I have several on my page that do this, and they are all women (I am not stereotyping, just presenting the facts.  I, for one, am getting a little annoyed by the abundance of these pics that people repost.  And it isn't just me, I have several buddies who have mentioned this too me.  That is the reason for the post.  We were drinking last Saturday night and for some weird reason, this came up.

I would like to get in touch with Mark Zuckerberg, or whatever the Facebook guru's name is, and propose that there should be a limit of these posts to 3 or4 a week. That way our newsfeed/timeline doesn't get littered with 10+ of these things each day.
And if you want to see if these things really work, go ahead and save this picture and post it on your Facebook page.  I bet it doesn't get any comments or even a share.  

You can also like My Facebook Page and share it from there if you want to give me a little credit.  That would be nice.  Even if you don't post it, go ahead and like my page.  Please!!!  :)  

By the way...A friend asked me why I do not just delete the friends who are going around posting these stupid things.  Answer:  They are HOT!!!  A couple of them are bonafide Hotties.  I don't care what they are doing, you do not delete Hotties from your Facebook page!  


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