Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fishing Spear Through The Head - And He Survives!

That is the X-Ray of 16-year-old Yasser López, a Florida Resident. Yasser was accidentally shot in the head, above the right eye, and to the rear of his skull by a fishing spear.

"At Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital, doctors used a rebarb cutting tool to shorten the length of the spear, so López’s head could fit into the CT Scan."

"The most important thing is to resist that temptation to pull the thing out," Dr. Ross Bullock of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital said, because simply pulling out the spear the way it came in is almost always fatal. "It was possible for us to figure out a strategy during the operation to be able to unscrew the tip of the spear, instead of having to get this whole spear dragged out through his brain." 

Doctors said he should make a full recovery and that he has no memory of the spearfishing event. "He woke up with a spear in his head," said Bullock. "He probably won't ever regain those memories."

My guess is that him not remembering the event is a good thing.  If I was him, I wouldn't want to dwell on it and get my memory back of that event.  Just thinking about it is painful!!!

On the other hand, Yasser needs to get that framed.  What a conversation piece...

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