Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Terrifying Tuesdays!!!! - People that you would not want to meet in a Dark Alley

Here is my weekly installment of Terrifying Tuesdays.  This week, it is a list of people that I would not want to meet in an alley.  These are just plain weird, creepy guys that would probably make ya crap your pants if you ran into them in a dark alley on the Southside of Chicago!!!!

In no particular order:

Christopher Walken -- Great Actor who can be funny at times.  I have no problem with the "Give Me More Cowbell" Christopher Walken, but if I ran into the Walken 
from "The Prophecy" or "Sleepy Hollow" Walken -- Get me out of there fast.  

Lee Marvin -- OK, I know he is dead, but I would hate to run into his ghost.  He was always cast as a bad guy and played it to perfection.  For you older readers. do you remember "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance?" or his role of the bad-ass Major Reisman in "Dirty Dozen"

Paul Reubens  aka "Pee-Wee Herman" -- Hard to believe that nerdy Pee-Wee Herman became a flashing perv.  Who knows what he would do in an alley.

Roseanne Barr /Arnold/Whatever – That lady is scary!!!!!! How could Tom Arnold marry that woman??  Wait, I guess Tom Arnold is no prize either.  

Mike Tyson – The guy is tough and psycho – Not a good combination.   Mentally unstable tough guys tend to kill, maim and do other violent and sick acts.

Raider Fans  -- Those guys are hardcore.  Get some alcohol in them and who knows what will happen next. 

 Look at them!!!

That would suck to be a non-psycho Raider fan.  Could you imagine taking your kids to a Raiders game.  We would probably turn into the parking lot and my kids would be screaming and crying.  Take the above pics and multiply that by a few hundred.  I have been to a Raiders game years ago and I bet there were over 500 people wandering around dressed like that.  Now imagine a 3 year old or a 5 year old there.  They would freak out.  Forget about them ever wanting to go to another football game for like 10 years.  

Guess you would have to take them to see a San Francisco 49ers game across the Bay.  Nothing exciting has happened at a Niners game in years...


  1. Good list. Rosanne Barr may be the scariest one there. I like her...from a distance. But have you ever seen her on the red carpet snapping at Ryan Seacrest? Yeah, she's scary. Then again, speaking of red carpet nightmares, I might would have to add Gary Busey.

    1. I thought about Gary Busey, but he is just a nut. I think he is harmless. I definitely would hate to go up against Rosanne. I wish she would have knocked Seacrest out!!!

  2. What about Jack Palance. He craps bigger than me!

    1. I forgot about Jack. I would definitely put him on there too!


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