Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Problem with America

I feel that you should not let your own moral compass go unchecked for long amounts of time.  The World is changing at a very rapid rate.  You, as a person, cannot become stagnant.  Comfort is the enemy of creativity.  Saul Bellow once wrote “Trouble, like physical pain, makes us actively aware that we are living.”

The problem is that we have gone to great efforts to eliminate trouble and physical pain in the United States.  We are making life “Too easy.”   Let’s face it, the things that have caused trauma and pain to many of us ( Too much homework in school, McDonald’s does away with the McRib sandwich, Listening to A-HA sing ‘Take on Me” 30 times a day on radio, etc. were  considered traumas when I was in High School) are not even a bother in most parts of the world.  In many countries, kids would be happy to have a radio or even get a chance to have homework. 

Looking back, I have had little to complain about.  My complaints are really trivial and I am actually ashamed for having complained of Night baseball at Wrigley field and having to take the SAT’s. 

I think that we Americans have become SOFT.  Soft like vanilla pudding.  We are too fragile to breath in someone else’s cigarette smoke, ride a bike without a helmet or go camping without a generator.  We are turning into a nation of fearful people, obsessed with our supposedly tragic childhoods, lousy relatives, career disappointments, social problems, political wrongdoings, and lists of personal grievances that are so long it would take an hour to list them.  I hate to break it to you, but all of the things I just mentioned are part of the HUMAN CONDITION!!!  That is what being a Human is all about 

Our “hardness” has disappeared thanks to awards being handed out just for showing up to work or school everyday for three months straight (Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?).  Schools no longer make our kids memorize multiplication tables (they can use their notes); doctors are now passing out psychotic meds like M&M’s (notice all the adds for depression meds?); and therapists are now in short supply as the majority of people have weekly appointments with some kind of therapist (when I was young, hardly anyone went to a therapist and if you did, you certainly didn’t tell everyone about it). 

Yes, America has become Soft!!!!!  One reason is that the Corporations are interested in keeping all of us Americans trapped in a childlike state.  They want us to be little kids that will do whatever they say.  Pharmaceutical companies want us to believe that every little thing that happens has a pill to make it better.  Going through a Bad Break-up – They docs will prescribe you a pick-me-up pill.  You have a headache a couple times a month – It can’t be your noisy neighbors, you probably have a Migraine developing, better take some medicine. 

How do I know we are being force to stay in a childhood state?  For you older folks (older than 30) think back to a time when comic books and superheroes were for teens and little kids.  Now-a-days, more 40 year olds are buying comic books and the Spiderman movies are a hit with the 35-50 year old crowd.  We haven’t evolved.  We are stuck in our childhood.  Heck, our national leaders have even used “Childish” terminology when using the term “bad-guys” to describe terrorists and other criminal elements.  That really sounds “presidential.” 

I remember about 12 years ago when I was in Mexico on the Pacific Coast.  I hired a Catamaran type boat to take me out to some islands a mile or so off the coast.  There was the “Captain” and his son, who was about 9 years old.  The kid did was constantly busy lifting and dropping the anchor, helping steer the boat, tying knots, setting up and taking in fishing nets, etc.  This kid is probably will probably be in charge of a fleet of boats one day.  The kid’s work ethic was incredible.  I saw him several times over the course of a week and he was constantly working.   I don’t know when the kid had time to eat or sleep.   This kid is going to go places.

Now think if that scene would have happened in the United States… Department of social services would have taken the kid away from his parents and had the parents arrested for child abuse.  The kid would never had gotten the opportunity or been taught the skills and work ethic needed to be successful in life and business.  That is what is the problem with America Today.  We have become so SOFT that our future generations are doomed.   We are becoming a lazy nation that is accepting of mediocrity.

I yearn for the good old days when my parents had me mowing lawns for 8 hours a day several days a week in 90 degree heat, earning a few dollars and nothing more.  A couple of summers ago, I had hurt my leg or back (I can’t remember) and my wife was not feeling good either.  I tried to get some kids to mow my yard for a couple of weeks.  When they found all I had was a push mower, most of them refused.  The ones that didn’t wanted an additional $10 an hour to do it.  What a Joke!! 

Let's toughen up America!!

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