Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Disruptive Night

Last night I was awakened to yelling outside my window.  Then I heard the familiar thuds of fists hitting bodies and obscenities start to fill the air.  I could tell it was a fight.  I heard what sounded like one guy was getting hiss ass kicked by about 3 or 4 dudes.  I kept hearing one guy saying "Stop it Assholes" and other verbal clues that led me to this conclusion.   I peaked out my window and sure enough, there were 4 guys kicking the crap out of one dude.  The poor guy was on the ground, but kept trying to get up.  The four that were kicking ass were huge and drunk, so I didn't feel like getting out there and trying to break it up. Being a good samaratin, I opened my window and yelled out "Knock it off guys, people are trying to sleep."  Of course, this did nothing, so I decided to call 911 in order to prevent a murder.  

Then I opened up my door and walked to the corner of the house to the alley where this was occurring (There was a party going on about a block away so I assumed that they had been there.  It was then that I started to think that maybe they weren't exactly fighting.  I saw one dude had a guy pinned to the ground and all of them were drunk as hell.  The, I could clearly hear the conversation.
Dude 1 (Who is standing up and off to the side): Seriously Dave, you are going to  kick your best friend's ass?  Really?You're really going to do that?
Dave (who has his friend pinned on the ground): Dude, leave me alone.  I am pissed.
Dude 2 (also standing over the scene): Is that girl even worth it?  Come on.  She is kind of trashy.
Dave: I know, I know.  You guys are right.  Sorry Jason!  You just piss me off so bad sometimes!  But you guys are right.  DAMN!!!  (Followed by a serious of obscenities that lasted about 2 minutes)  
Then it hit.  I had called the cops.  I thought somebody was going to get hurt.  I thought maybe it was a mugging or some kind of gang fight, who knows.  I actually felt bad.  I had been there in this same situation several times (On both the Jason and Dave end of it.)  Luckily, they got up and started stumbling down the alley before the cops showed. up.  I went inside and about 3 minutes later, the cops showed up and knocked on my door (I had called them from my home phone, so they knew exactly where I lived.)  I explained the scuffle, but did not tell them that I went out and heard what I heard.  I just told them that they must have walked away.  They did find some bloom on the pavement, but they didn't seem intrigued by it and it wasn't much.  I guess they blew it off and got back to hunting rougher criminals.

The one night I decide to stay in and try to catch up on my sleep and I get woken up at 2:30 AM!  What a night.  I should have gone out and got drunk!

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