Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Badass #4 - Giuseppe Garibaldi

Badasses #'s 1-3 have already taken their places in my Badass List.  Let's review:
1.  Andrew Jackson
2.  Shaka Zulu
3.  Geronimo

Now we move on to Badass #4.  Italians are portrayed as angry, mean and tough SOB's.  This man may be the toughest of them all (if there are any mafia guys reading this, you are tough as Hell too.  Don't put a hit out on me).

I introduce Badass #4, Giuseppe Garibaldi.

This is the man that all freedom fighters should be modeled after. He started out as a sailor at the age of fifteen -- Fifteen!  That is pretty young to be heading out on the high seas all by yourself.  He spent about twenty years sailing around the world, then he returned to Italy and joined a revolutionary movement in Genoa. The purpose of the organization, named the Italian Unification Movement, was to unite all of Italy into one country. When the revolution failed, Garibaldi set sail to Brazil, where one of his first actions was to get shot in the neck during an ambush.  But he survived and I am sure it made him tougher!

After Getting shot, most men would be like "I am outta here.  I want to go back home to Italy!"   Not Garibaldi!  He joined a group called Rio Grande do Sul Separatists in Brazil and helped them fight against the oppressive Brazilian Government.  He then helped organize revolutionary forces in Uruguay.  In Uruguay, he helped them in their fight for freedom against Argentine Imperialism.  It was here where he mastered guerilla warfare and created the Italian Legion, a rebel force of Italian exiles and republicans aiding the Uruguayans.  His sweeping victories at the Battles of Cerro and Sant'Antonio in 1846 secured the Uruguayans' freedom and made Garibaldi a legendary hero throughout South America, Italy and Europe.  He also found a South American Beauty named Anita who was into fighting revolutions too.  The two were married and together they traveled through South America organizing revolutions left and right.

After countless revolutionary battles, Garibaldi returned to Italy to try and unify the country once again.  He quickly conquered Sicily with only a thousand untrained and inexperienced men. When Italian nobles tried to bribe him with land and a title he rejected them and continued his conquering spree.  He was determined to unify the whole country and he succeeded. Garibaldi won his final victory for the unification of Italy in 1860, accomplishing his goal of unifying Italy under the rule of King Victor Emmanuel II.  Garibaldi would go on to fight against the Austrians, and would even lead a volunteer force against the Prussians in the Franco-Prussian War.

He could have stopped with unification, but he wanted to make Italy a great place to live, so he campaigned for free education, a broad suffrage and women’s rights, he fought against slavery and never took advantage of his position by pillaging from the peasants he protected.

Giuseppe Garibaldi was a dedicated freedom fighter and revolutionary, who battled injustice and inequality throughout the globe. He had an immense impact on the history of Europe and South America.  He was also a man not to be messed with.


  1. they named a hat and a cookie for him

  2. I Think You Know MeApril 20, 2011 at 12:34 PM

    @ Cautionary - I think he has a mountain named for him too. Pretty cool!

  3. Hola Jefe.

    Garibaldi sounds to good to be true. Imagine a revolutionary who wasn't corrupted by the power the people he sought to overthrow had been corrupted by.

    Who's next on the list?

  4. I Think You Know MeApril 30, 2011 at 3:09 PM

    Hi Zulma. Thanks for the comment and Garibaldi was one of my favorites in History.

    Next -- Stay tuned. I will be posting one early next week...


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