Saturday, November 17, 2012

Botas Picudas

Some of my Friends have been sending my wife and I pics and videos of the latest "Naco" Craze going on in Mexico, Texas and California.  They are called Botas Picudas, which translates as Pointy Boots. 

They are worn almost exclusively by men and are all the wage in the Chuntaro and Naco communities. 
They are usually worn with normal cowboy attire - cowboy hats, tight jeans, fancy button-down shirts and big belt buckles.  The only difference was they are wearing these comical boots instead of normal cowboy boots. 
I have been reading that the men wearing these boots have been getting very competitive about whose boots are longer and pointier. There are mock showdowns and there have even been fights.  I suppose some people will cut the tips off in order to "Shame" their opponents. 

It has gotten so ridiculous that some of the botas picudas can be so long that the wearer attaches the tip of the boot to their wrists to keep from tripping.
Check out the documentary below.  It explains how DJ Erick Rinc√≥n and the Tribal music scene in Mexico City played a part in popularizing botas picudas throughout Mexico and even here in the United States.

To me, I think it is a ridiculous style.  They are not practical and look even comical.  Do the people wearing these things actually think they are cool wearing them?  As my Monterrey friends point out, they are most often worn by people who are deemed "Nacos" or "Chuntaros".  I thought it was appropriate to post this today since I just did a terrifying Tuesday post on Nacos.  (See how I tie everything together) 
Let me know what you think in the comments section and please, if you are a Naco, let me know why you wear these things.  (That is assuming Nacos can use a computer)


  1. Oh Goodness! This may possibly be the most ridiculous thing I've seen today. Maybe all week. I had not heard of or seen this style. Living in Arizona I would expect to. I'll have to start looking at people's feet now. Very strange!

    Steve, I want to say thank you for being a teacher on this Teacher Appreciation Day. As a fellow teacher I know how hard you work. Keep it up! Would you care to join my blog hop for teacher appreciation week? If so, here is the link:
    Again, I appreciate what you do as an educator!

  2. These pointy boots are becoming increasingly popular, there is even a program in a local channel in monterrey where nacos and chuntaros go to sing (no, its not "aficionados" but a clone of it) and they sport pointy boots and theres even a little person who wears boots almost as pointy as he is tall!

  3. lol this reminds me of the cars with the huge rims ???
    ugh, I thought it was just a Texas thing, finding out its a Mexican thing makes me want to put a bag over my head

  4. This is the first fashion statement to rival the saggy pants trend! Thanks for sharing! I needed this chuckle!


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