Sunday, November 4, 2012

Egyptian Man Cuts off His Penis; A Dog Eats It

Women! Can’t live with them, can’t cut your penis off out of anger without a dog eating it!
WHAT?  Did you catch that?  In Egypt, a man who fell desperately in love with his divorced neighbor cut his penis off when he wasn’t financially stable enough to marry her.
After a while of having a sexual relationship (at her request) the woman decided that she was ready to marry the hapless romantic. When our hero told his lover that he couldn’t afford to marry her, she obviously didn’t believe it. To prove it, he decided to give her what she was after anyway and cut his own penis off. After throwing it into the street, he immediately felt regret, and went out to retrieve his member, but sadly a dog had already came over and ate it.
Honestly, this isn't all that different than what happens here in the United States.  Women are so demanding of their men.  The guys end up devoting their lives to them and will do just about anything to prove it.  By doing this, us guys end up losing a piece of our very being.  Our soul is being slowly devoured.  I believe this is what the Egyptian guy was showing his woman.  "Here take my penis, you already sucked away my soul!"

Isn't a man with no soul just like a man with no penis????  Something to think about...
On another note - I wonder what the dog was thinking while eating the penis.  Probably the first penis that dog has ever eaten...    

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