Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Now Women are Peeing While Standing Up!!!

Now this is one of the weirder products I have seen on the internet.  I guess it is all about ERA and women's rights, equality, etc.  I guess many women want to be able to pee standing up! 

I am not making this stuff up!  A company called P-Mate has made a device that lets women pee while standing up.  SERIOUSLY!  If you don't believe me, check out their website

This is how the thing works.  They even have "how-to" diagrams!

Some More phots of women enjoying the P-Mate.  What is this world coming too.  I guess it would be convenient at football games or other events where there always seems to be a mile-long line for the women's bathroom.  Of if you are hiking or something. 

I have no idea what my reaction will be when I see one being used.  I will probably look bewildered, then confused and then laugh. 

The thing that bothers me is that peeing standing up is was a strictly man thing.  Now, that has been taken away from us.  More and more "manly" things are disappearing from our lives.  Where will the madness end!!!!

By the way, it is a Canadian company.  Not sure if that has something to do with it...  Just sayin...


  1. Really?Really?! No stinking way. Even when I have faced ginormogantuan BR lines at the Gator games did I want to pee standing up. I wonder how many of those will sell.

  2. Oh, those canadians... I only met one who was my teacher too he was pretty cool but if this comes from his country then maybe, just maybe.

    Im not really going anywhere with this comment so Ill just say canadians are weird and feminism sucks.

  3. I think they are selling a few. It probably made a great stocking stuffer! LOL!!

    Mike, which teacher are you talking about? Ben? He was great, but funny

  4. How's it going, eh? Damn Canadians.

    1. LOL! They are a strange lot. I have some Canadian friends and they are just different

  5. So can I leave the lid up now?


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