Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monroe Lee is Back

Former Hottie of the Day Monroe Lee is back for her second appearance on the blog.  This blonde hottie loves Handboobs and sexy poses.  She is Canadian too.  I used to think that most Canadian women were pale and rather plain looking, but I am way off base here.  There are some very fine women up North!  I am impressed Canada.

Click here to see some of her NSFW Pics!

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  1. Flat chests are no good, but these one here are rather too big for me. Very suffocating when a woman with big boobs pressing them down on your face.

    That's a good way to die,isn't it. Next time, instead of wasting money to inject people till death, just hire some big boobs to suffocate people till death.

    1. I am more of an ass man. I like girls with tiny boobs and big boobs, but they have to have a nice ass

  2. Oh hell yeah! She makes me want to move up North!

    1. Whoever thought Canada would be the place to be for hot, busty women!


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