Monday, July 28, 2014

Email Me at - For Some Good Advice...

. . . And I will give you advice that may or may not be horrible, but it will likely be funny. I need to get more advice emails. I've been getting a ton of "Penis Growth" product emails (maybe they are trying to tell me something) and a lot of people from Africa saying they want to give me Millions of $$$, but not many emails asking for advice.

So, email me a dilemma that you have in your life, and I will provide you with sage-like advice based on my limited understanding of the use of common sense. And, of course, I won't use your real name.

If you need sex advice, that will be even more fun. I've been called "just okay" at sex by 10's of women, so I'm pretty qualified.

Remember - Fridays on the blog are "Free Advice Fridays"

Once again, the email is:

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