Sunday, July 27, 2014

What is the Purpose of Wearing this Dress?

We might have posted this pic before somewhere on the blog, but it keeps popping up on the internet.  A couple of observations about the dress and the beauty wearing it.

1.  If she isn't a Hooker, then she is a Hooker-Wannabe
2.  What the hell else is in her closet?  I mean if she has this dress, she has to have other slutty outfits?  Is this the sluttiest or is there something even MORE Slutty?
3.  Where can she go wearing this dress other than a Porn Shoot, Strip Club or a Hotel?  Not many restaurants and stores would let someone in wearing this.
4.  What does her boyfriend/husband/kids/parents/friends think of this?  Would anyone other than another Porn Star/Stripper/Slut want to be seen with her wearing this outfit?

Just a few random thoughts from a Semi-Mad Mind!!!

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