Friday, August 1, 2014

Free Advice Friday - Etiquette at the Grocery Store

People become self-absorbed and completely oblivious blobs of matter with shopping carts when they enter most grocery stores. The biggest problem I have is when you are following behind someone else, and can't pass because there is someone stopped coming from the other direction, and the person in front of you... STOPS, thus completely blocking the entire aisle. As if they can't stop a few feet further to possibly let traffic through and walk back a few feet, or stopping earlier and walk a few feet up. No, they see what THEY want and stop right there, and that is all they care about. Maybe if there were rear view mirrors on shopping carts, people might pay more attention. If I ever open my own grocery store, there will be rear view mirrors on every cart, and post signs about courtesy to other shoppers. So please, next time you are in a grocery store and you stop to look at something, just take a second to look around and see if you could do something that would help others shop more efficiently.

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