Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This Shirt is Funny, Sad and Probably True - All at Once!

Glad he can joke about it and get a laugh.  I find it appalling!  I travel alot for my job and I constantly see racial profiling at the airports.  I flew to Philly last week.  I hit the Dallas, Chicago and Philly airports and I made an effort to make a note of people who were pulled out of the security line and given an extra security search.  I saw a total of 12 people taken aside for extra security searches.  Of those 12, 4 were wearing the distinctive Sikh Turban, 7 others appeared Middle Eastern and one was a white guy.  Of the 12, all were let on their respective planes.  I felt only the white guy needed to be searched because he seemed to be clearly drunk or on something.  He was being a smart-ass to everyone.  The other 11 were just minding their business.  Most were either business travelers or with their families.

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