Saturday, August 27, 2016

Married With .22 Kids

More White Trash For you!  There are so many things to comment on in this pic, I am just going to make a list:

  • Who turns hospital scrubs into Daisy Dukes?
  • That Nappy Hair - I think she needs to buy some shampoo too!
  • Why wear the little lace thingy over the bra, just wear the bra - It's not like you can get any trashier
  • Married with...WTF?   Is that .22 kids (A distinct possibility since she was probably smoking, doing drugs and taking shots of tequila while pregnant.)  Is she married to a .22 gun?  The Bullets are her kids?  
  • This has to be a Walmart, right?
  • At least she is classy enough to use toilet paper (although I don't see where - she has no ass at all.  Flat as a pancake)
  • I would be willing to bet that she is a stripper at some dive joint.  

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