Monday, August 8, 2016

Olympic Commentators Suck!

After Watching the Opening Ceremony and a couple days of the games, I think I am going to start watching the events without commentary.  Seriously, the majority of them SUCK!!  They through out stupid, irrelevant facts, they go off-topic constantly and I question whether some of them actually know the rules of the sport that they are watching.  And some of the stuff they say is so obvious.  I heard a commentator saying during a soccer game with only about 2 minutes left and the team down by 3 goals - "If they don't turn it up, they are not going to win this one!"...DUH!!!

Also, I was watching a women's field hockey game and a team had just allowed a few goals over a very short span of time and now found themselves down with minutes to play - "They look like they are in trouble"...DUH!!!!

Do yourselves a favor and turn the volume down!

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