Sunday, October 9, 2016

Random Thoughts - Dildos

My neighbors little brother is in business school and he had to do some business/factory analysis study.  He could make it up.  I told him to use a dildo factory because I had just seen a GIF of a girl riding a suction dildo.  Then I started thinking about it.

Somewhere in the United States is a big factory that makes dildos. They have workers that spend 8 hour days on a dildo manufacturing machine/assembly line. They probably have a quality control inspector that has to make sure that each and every dildo passes inspection and meets their expectations. Their managers review quarterly dildo profits and place orders for dildo making materials.  They have mechanics that can fix the dildo making machines...  

I don't know why, but it is mind-boggling.  I know it is like any other product that is produced but imagine explaining what they do to their kids or a potential date...

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