Monday, March 27, 2017

Babe Birthdays - March 27th

We Have A Lot of Birthdays Today...

Model Alexa Sandberg (26)

Sexy Alyssa Lovelace (35)

Playboy Model Amber Lopez (32)

Playboy Hottie Casey Lauren (32)

Busty Brit Demi Rose (25)

The Always Sexy Fergie (42)

Playboy Hottie Jenni Steele (38)

Model Kelly Dyer (31)

Sexy Singer Mariah Carey (47)

Playboy Hottie Summer Lena (28)

Another Playboy Model With the First Name Summer - Summer Sunday (40)

Busty Tehmeena Afzal (35)

Former Midnight Muse, Tiffany Cappotelli (23)

Honoring the Hottest Women in the Universe –  Babe Birthdays Can Be Found Here in a database searchable by date.  

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