Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coco Has Some Interesting Twitter Pics

COCO is the big ass and big titted wife of Rapper and actor Ice-T.  She likes to tweet skanky pics of her body on twitter.  Here are a few:

Now I am not a huge Coco Fan, but I do admire her.  She does not have to tweet all these pics of her boobs and her big ass all over the Twitterverse, but she does.  She does it because she wants to and that is cool.

Maybe she just can't get the stripper out of her.  What is the old saying?, "Once a Stripper, Always a Stripper".  She also loves the attention.  She is kind of a Media Whore, although not as annoying as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.  Coco does it with some class and fun, not in an annoying way like the other two.

And I also admire the fact that she shows off her body, even though it is not the tight, hot body she had years ago.  You have to admit, her ass is getting a little saggy in places.  And she is putting on some weight now.  But she still posts these pics.  I follow her on twitter just to see what crazy pic she is going to post next. 

My advice to all the ladies out there --
Follow Coco’s Lead!  Don't be shy, post those pics on Twitter.  

--Enrique Santos

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