Thursday, August 30, 2012

Genital Penile Reconstructive Surgery - Phalloplasty

This kid has not penis, but he will get one soon
thanks to phalloplasty!
Poor Luis Canelos!  He accidentally  destroyed his penis when he was 9. He shot it off with a rifle. Now he is 17 and Miami doctors are going to rebuild it. (Does this sound familiar?  Think John Wayne Bobbitt)

WOW!!  We now have the technology to rebuild a penis, one that is functioning in both the peeing and sex departments!  Hooray for Science!

The procedure, known a phalloplasty, will build a new penis for Luis using a fibular bone from a cadaver (He is going to have a deadman's bone in his dick!) with the hope that he will have a fully functioning penis when the operation is done – and even be able to father children.

$50,000 later, he should be able to. And that's just great. More kids living in a straw hut.

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