Monday, August 27, 2012

Lucy Spraggan Sang an Ode To Binge Drinking Blackouts

Lucy Spraggan released a song that is all about Binge Drinking and Blacking out from too much alcohol.  The song is called "Last Night" and is on her album Top Room at the Zoo.  The album was released last October. The song is basically about what you feel on the day after drinking way too much.  I can relate! Here are some of the lyrics:
Last night I told you I loved you, woke up, blamed it on the vodka.
I genuinely thought I was dying, then I could see that smile you were hiding.
Last night I told you I need you, that’s the last time I drink tequila. 
The song, which came out 10 months ago, was just another song on another album.  No one really paid any attention to the song.  Then, she performed the song on the X Factor UK last week. 

Then, just like that, the song suddenly she sat at #5 on the iTunes charts.  Everyone is downloading it.  And deservedly so.  It is a great song.  Very catchy and funny.  And I think many of us can relate.  I just downloaded it an hour ago.

And I also found out that she shot a video for the song.  Here it is:

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