Friday, August 31, 2012

There are actually Songs about Iowa???

I was surprised to learn that someone actually sat down and wrote songs about Iowa.  A friend of mine sent me these after I was bragging about all of the songs that have been written about Texas.  Thanks to Kevin F. for sending me these, although I do not think these songs are quite as popular as the Texas songs.

Maybe someone needs to come up with a chartbusting song about Iowa.  It can be about corn, beans, snow, ice, mud, car/deer accidents and hayfever

To the tune of “Tannenbaum”

You asked what land I love the best, Iowa, tis Iowa,
The fairest State of all the west, Iowa, O! Iowa,
From yonder Misissippi’s stream
To where Missouri’s waters gleam
O! fair it is as poet’s dream, Iowa, in Iowa.

See yonders fields of tasseled corn, Iowa in Iowa,
Where plenty fills her golden horn, Iowa in Iowa,
See how her wonderous praries shine.
To yonder sunset’s purpling line,
O! happy land, O! land of mine, Iowa, O! Iowa.

Another one we sang in Elem. school…just the chorus!

We’re from I-O-way, I-O-way.
State of all the land,
Joy on ev-’ry hand.
We’re from I-O-way, I-O-way.
That’s where the tall corn grows!


  1. Dar Williams (acoustic folk singer) has one:

    And the seminole I-80 Song from Heywood Banks:

    1. Thanks for sharing those. I had actually heard the second one before. I am going to pen a song about Iowa someday...


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