Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just in Case you Missed it - Eastwood-ing

Thursday night, was the grand finale of the Republican National Convention, the Republicans unleashed their secret weapon, 82 year old Hollywood icon, Clint Eastwood. The actor, who was supposed to get the crowd fired up before presidential candidate Mitt Romney took the stage, ended up stealing the show.

Unfortunately for Romney, Eastwood’s speech is all that anyone has been talking about over the past two days. Clint’s speech did get the crowd going and it was memorable because of an improv where he spoke to an imaginary Barack Obama on stage.

If you didn’t watch, or you’ve been under that rock of yours, here’s the video.

Republicans, and anyone else anti-Obama, seemed to unanimously enjoy the jabs at the president, while the liberal Democrats made fun of Eastwood for being old and talking to a chair.  That was all the Democrats could come up with?  That is all I heard on Liberal talk shows yesterday.  They were ripping Eastwood because he is in his 80's and talked to a chair!  They think it is silly, while most of the world things it is acting brilliance.  I thought it was an ingenious way to get his message across; at times comical and at times serious.

Let's see what the Democrats come up with.  I hope it isn't just a bunch of boring speeches ending with Obama lying at the end, promising a ton of things that he will never do during the next four years!

Way to go CLINT!!!

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