Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Stupid Oklahoman (Imagine That)

Another post in honor of Red River Shootout Week.  GO HORNS!!!

It's a scientific fact that Oklahoma is a magnet for stupidity and white-trashocity. For years I've encouraged Oklahoma residents to do the world a favor and have themselves voluntarily sterilized, but to no avail.

Meet Irene Tanner.

First, just look at that mug- I don't know how to say it nicely, she's just plain ugly; but that's not the point. The point is that this Oklahoma beauty queen recently gave birth to a baby girl with a .21 BAC. A .21 Blood Alcohol Content.  WAIT...Let that sink in...Remember, the Legal Limit for driving is .08.  She was almost 3 times the legal limit. 

How did this happen?

Well, ol' Leatherface decided that it'd be a good idea to down a few beers before going into labor. She later informed police that she'd drank through most of her pregnancy, and even joked about naming her kid after her brew of choice: Milwaukee's Best.

People like Ms. Tanner (I've never used the term "people" so loosely) are the reason that we have the death penalty in America.

This dumb, inbred yokel deserves, at the very least life in prison.  Why not just give her the death penalty.  I hope they took the kid away from her.  Of course, the kid is probably pretty messed up if she was drinking throughout her pregnancy.

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