Thursday, October 11, 2012

American Food in the UK

A Friend of mine came back from visiting England yesterday.  He was showing me all the normal touristy pics; Parliament, Buckingham Palace, The Thames, The guards in those funny hats, etc.  Then he showed me this pic:

He had to run into a grocery store to get some toothpaste and shaving cream and this was set up near the front of the store. A big "American Food" display.  He told me there was even more, but he only took the one picture.  It was all junk-food.  Candy Bars, Sugary cereal (they had Frosted Flakes too), and tons of other unhealthy snacks!   At first I actually felt a little offended.  They were basically saying American food is unhealthy and made up of mostly Junk food.  

This morning, I had to go to the grocery store and get some things.  I was thinking about this picture and it dawned on me:  They are Right!  As I was walking in the grocery store, I saw a display for Coke, then one for Chips and Dip, then there was a big display of beer.  Then came the Halloween Candy Display.  Not a single "Healthy" item was featured!  Next time you go in your grocery store here in the States, notice the big displays up front and see if I am right!  DAMN, We are Pigs!!!!

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