Saturday, October 13, 2012

Miranda Kerr in Vogue Italia

One of our readers named Richard emailed us and complained that we haven't done a post about his favorite Hottie, Miranda Kerr.  We are always eager to please our readers, so here is our first post dedicated to Miranda Kerr!  She recently did a photo shoot for Vogue Italia.  Here are a couple of the pics:

Miranda is looking pretty good for Vogue Italia.  I am not a huge fan of hers.  I think she is OK looking, but not a knockout.  She actually looks like a chick that could be attainable for a dude like me.  Maybe I should start liking her more!  Maybe I need to lower my expectation from the Super, Uber Hotties and go for the regular hotties...

And a big Thanks to Vogue Italia because they also have a video of her photoshoot! Enjoy the Video!

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