Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Poor OU Kids!! Texas-OU Week continues

Who can forget this picture: 

What a classic pic. 

Or what about this Sooner Kiddo: 

I love that one. 

TEXAS -- OU Week, 2012.  I love this week and I miss it!!  While I lived in Texas, I went to ever Texas-OU game from 1988 to 1998.  I have seen them win and lose.  It really is an event, a happening.  Exactly half of the Cotton Bowl is wearing Burnt Orange and half in Sooner Crimson.  One time, I sat right in the middle of section 6.  Just four seats from me was where the OU section started.  Luckily, we won that game or it could have gotten ugly

The Texas - OU game takes place during the Texas State Fair.  So you get free entry with your game ticket.  We always made a day out of it and ate a ton of Corn Dogs (Sorry Iowa, but the Corn Dog was invented at the Texas State Fair in 1942).  Fletcher's Corn Dogs still have stands at the fair and you can eat one at the original spot where they were first sold.  The Texas State Fair is just like the Iowa State Fair, just bigger.  I have heard that people intentionally stay away from the fair on the Day of the Texas-OU game unless they are there for the game because it can get so rowdy.  It really is an event that every diehard Football fan should go to at least once in their life, even if you don't like either team. The atmosphere is worth it alone.

Unfortunately, this is the last year the Texas-OU game is going to be at the Cotton Bowl.  Next year, the game moves to the Jerry Jones' new billion dollar football cathedral in Arlington Texas.  I hope the atmosphere of the game stays the same.  It certainly will be different.  I can't wait for the road trip this year!  That's right, I scored tickets and I will be there.  Look for me in the sea of Orange.

Enjoy the game everyone and

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