Monday, October 8, 2012

The Hogans Are Giving The Lohans Competition...

...for America's most dysfunctional family! Remember that Nick Hogan was a dumbass and speed racing in Florida when he crashed his car, leaving his passenger with permanent brain damage.  That incident along with various other times Nick has been ticketed for doing 100+ mph, should have taught the Hogans a lesson about safe driving.

It looks like his mom, Linda, missed the learning opportunity.  She was arrested last week for Speeding and DUI.  Linda Hogan took a bunch of antibiotics and chased them with a champagne.  Then she went for a drive.  Not a good idea. According to TMZ, Linda was pulled over in Malibu last Friday for speeding. She blew a 0.084 (0.08 is the legal limit in CA) and was arrested. That is Linda's mugshot up above.  The 53-year-old Linda sat in a jail cell for a few hours before she was released on $5,000 bail.

Last week was not a good one for the Hogans  In addition to the DUI, Hulk Hogan was seen in a sex tape (Like the world needed to see him naked).  Should we take bets on what happens next?  I say Nick gets arrested for driving like a Dumbass again.  Or maybe Brooke Hogan gets pregnant.  Which one is going to melt down on TV and just lose it.   I am beginning to think that the Lohans are really just amateurs and the Hogans are America's real first family of trash.

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