Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hottie Gisele Dancing to Foundry

And she is under a Black Light!  My Dreams Have Come True!

WARNING:  Although there is no nudity, this is a very provocative Video.  You probably would not want to watch this at work or if you are easily offended by beautiful women who dance in a sexy way under black lights.  

--Enrique Santos

The Gangnam State Warriors

Gangnam Style is consuming the internet.  Everyone is making Gangnam Style videos.  It reminds me of all those "Call Me Maybe" videos that circulated around the web this summer.

Although I fought posting anything about this (This is the first time I have even mentioned "Gangnam" in a post), I have given in.  Why?  Because a reader in Oakland sent me the video of the Golden State Wariors Cheer team, the Warrior Girls doing their own Gangnam Style video.  Anytime you have a bunch of Hotties dancing, that is always post-worthy.

So here you have it: The Gangnam State Warriors featuring the Warrior Girls.

Thanks to Jay in Oakland for sending this!

Christina Aguilera Completes The Trifecta...

...of one time hottie singers who I would not even give a second look to anymore!  First there was Brittany Spears, then Jessica Simpson and now Christina.  Look at that ASS!!!
And here is one of her out and about, running errands recently with no makeup:

And this just looks like an overage and overweight stripper!

Sorry Christina, but you just "Ain't all That" anymore!

Christina Milian Tries the White Trash Look

I like Christina Milian’s white trash look.

Taking the Kids to Hotel Transylvania This Weekend

Just in case you care, I am going to take my kiddies to see Hotel Transylvania this weekend.  Here is the Trailer:

It actually looks pretty funny! Hotel Transylvania has an all-star cast of voices consisting of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Jon Lovitz, Cee Lo Green, Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, and David Spade. I have a feeling that this will be like many of Adam Sandler's movies, but animated.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing.  He has had some classics!  

Anyway, the movie tells the story of Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, and goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for his teen-aged daughter. Sounds like a clever plot and the makings for a decent movie.  I will write a review after I see it.  Stay tuned...

The Spanish Channel

Got an email from a fellow teacher in Dallas.  He sent me this knowing that I love hotties and I love Latinas.  He is a geography teacher who went to school with me in Austin.  Here is what he wrote, copy pasted from my email, no changes.   

Hi Matt!!  Sorry I couldn't make it down to Austin to see you last weekend.  Let me know next time you are down here. 

(Skipped a few paragraphs of boring updates on life)

How is it going teaching up there in Iowa. I hear you moved on from High School to a University Gig!  Very Nice! Watch out for those University Chicks wanting to get a better grade!!!

Remember when we used to watch the Spanish Channel down here between classes?  I got to thinking about you, me and the guys and our daily routine back in college after I had a lengthy discussion with some of the teachers here in the lounge.  One of the science teachers fessed up that he watches the Spanish Channels, even though he has no clue what is being said.  I have to admit that I do too.  I think everyone knows the Spanish Channel if you have cable, directv or Dish.  If you're a guy with some extra time on his hands, you likely spend alot of that spare time staring blankly at Univision, Galavision, Telemundo or whatever other Spanish channels are on the tele.

And I bet there is a high percentage of people, like most of us back in the day, that watch it who have a very limited Spanish vocabulary.  For me, Hola, Adios, and chica is about it. 

This is like TV from another planet, where hot chicks aren't relegated to soap operas and sitcoms, but roam freely through news shows, weather reports, sports shows. Skintight pants. Oversized hair. Major cleavage. The Spanish Channel is a good place, and I like spending time there.

Even the kids shows are frighteningly well-populated by golden twenty-one year olds who, in between elaborate, booty-centric dance moves, relate such important lessons as "drugs are bad" and "stay in school".  Not sure if the 10 year-olds are listening to them, but I am!!

The Spanish Channel is my oasis. My escape. Where I don't have to hear about what the President did or who's being voted off the island or how many terrorists are trying to infiltrate our country. Everybody's dancing. Everybody's happy. The chicks are smoking hot. And I can't understand a bloody word they're saying.  It is my idea of Utopia.

(Deleted a few more paragraphs of family smalltalk)

Talk to you soon Matt,

Thanks Rodrick.  Hope you don't mind me posting your email.  I remember those days!  We had an hour between class and would meet in the dorm lounge, flip it to the Spanish channel, and sit back and watch whatever Telenovela was on because the girls were so HOT!!!!  

AWWWW...The Memories!  I am always trying to get people up here in Iowa to watch Spanish language TV.  I just can't express it as eloquently as you do in class. That's why I am posting this.  Hopefully some dude will read this and start watching.  

I hope you picked up at least a little Spanish.  And by the way, I matured.  Now, I watch it for the Soccer games!!!!   :)

PS:  I just posted a hot pic of Spanish Weather Hottie Jackie Guerrido in a bikini.  Check it out here!


In Case You Missed It, look at the ad above the lady...

This Definitely Is The "Worst Death Scene" Ever!!!

Hands down, no contest!  This is from a 1973 Turkish movie and the death scene is so bad it is Hilarious!!!  The Movie is called "Karate Girl"
Thanks to my drinking buddy Adolfo for showing us this on YouTube last night.  We were all drunk and it was even funnier then.  I think we laughed for at least 5 minutes!

--Enrique Santos

Friday, September 28, 2012

Forget Hand Bras, Hair Bras are the New Thing!

Besides, Hand Bras cover too much anyway!  I much prefer the Hair Bra!

Jodie Marsh in Loaded UK

I found some more great stuff in Loaded UK magazine.  I already posted their spread with Danica Thrall and  Rhian Sugden.  Now I found another sexy spread with British Babe and Ramblings Favorite Jodie Marsh.

Not sure what it is about Jodie, but I find her wildly attractive.  Maybe it is the hair, the plethora of tattoos, the fact that she has a great bod and looks ripped.  Maybe I have a thing for chicks who are all muscle and silicone?  Whatever it is, Jodie Marsh fits that fetish perfectly!

Nina Dobrev - Sexy and Funny!

Esquire Magazine has been running a series called "Me in My Place".  It features beautiful models telling jokes in their homes.  Not a bad idea, especially when they are in bed wearing a wife beater and a black lace bra!

Here is Hottie Nina Dobrev and her "Me in My Place" Segment:

Hidden Imagery in the Lion King DVD Cover

My buddy Dave pointed this out to me.  And sure enough, I can see it!  Those Disney people really are Pervs!!!

Gallagher Smashing Things in Slo-Mo!

A Very, Very Cool Video using Slow Motion Cameras! 

Definition of a Douche...

...a guy who sets his hair on fire to try and be cool!  This Guy is a DOUCHE!
My guess is he ended up in the hospital with 3rd degree burns!  Could you imagine explaining what happened to your hair when your parents ask?
"Uhhh...I was trying to be cool, so I let everyone set my hair on fire and warm themselves.  It was a cool night after all."


Can you believe there is actually a Public Service Announcement/Commercial for this?  Seriously?  It looks like it was from the 70's or something.  The music sure sounds 70-ish.  Was this type of thing common back then?

Free Advice Friday - The Easiest College Majors

Guest Post time!  This comes from a friend of a friend in Texas. A Big Thanks for Jarrod in Tyler, Texas!!!

A college arts degree means a competitive advantage over everyone at the temp agency, provided they didn’t sleep in. These days even the guys selling ice cream on bicycles have BAs — and we’re talking about the ones who actually need the job, not film students doing a documentary or anarchists staging a protest.

So, with employment prospects dimmer than the romantic eateries people with more practical  degrees can afford to further adulterous relationships in, it’s important to choose a college major carefully so you don’t end up like one of Dostoevsky’s grubbier characters, forced to parry drunken “What are you gonna do with that?” queries at family barbecues.

Still, there’s something to be said for four job-free years of testing the resilience of your liver and chasing coeds unperturbed by labs, deadlines, or STDs, while your parents rent out your room to parolees. What’s more, there’s something to be said for attending a morning class while robbed of the capacity for critical thought by recreational drug use and still being able to follow along. In that spirit, we offer here a guide to The 10 Easiest College Majors.

Since it’s almost October, the deadline application for almost all college programs worth enrolling in has long passed. Luckily, that is probably not true for many of these majors, where “Hello! Magazine” is likely to be course syllabus material. We’re guessing you could just call up, attend a couple of classes in November, deconstruct an illustrated version of Animal Farm over the Christmas break, and be shaking the chancellor’s scaly hand by springtime.
10. English is the hardest of the easiest majors as it requires more reading than would be required in five years of heavy Twittering. Class sizes are usually small, making it doubly important that you come up with an impressive-sounding take on the text that the author never intended in 1,000 years, but that someone comely in a loose sweater appreciates. Fortunately, the rise of internet piracy and the increased availability of film versions of many classic books can save the wily English student hours that would be otherwise have been wasted reading.
9. Journalism. This was an attractive and practical option at one point for arts students who were resolutely bad at math, but that is no longer the case with the industry going through more belt-tightening than a patient post stomach-stapling. The utter dead zone that is the journalism job market means that getting into and graduating from journalism school is a cinch. Reality comes crashing in though when you find yourself as an intern filling a chair that had been occupied by a 25-year veteran prior to your product of cost-cutting backside occupying it.

8. Marketing is the major most likely to have a textbook with the phrase ‘for dummies’ following it. It’s unlike any other major offered in the business/management department in that:
A) It’s easier to get into than the city drunk tank and
B) There is less math than usually required to tabulate a tip at the hairdresser
C) It’s easier to get on the dean’s list than be registered as a sex offender

7. Economics might be the ‘dismal science’, but a future in Psychology is pretty damn grim. Psych might be useful for determining which of your coworkers is most likely to put an office stapler down his pants, but aside from that it offers little real-world application.  With neurobiology providing the only real advancements, there’s little left in the field other than devising questionnaires asking random people whether stressful situations give them gas  and nodding knowingly when the term ‘Pavlovian’ is used.

6. Communications: Most of us go our entire lives heckling athletes and giving other drivers the middle finger without realizing we’re doing field work in communication studies. Rather than teaching you practical communications-related skills, such as how to set up a pirate radio station or get hooked up to your neighbor’s satellite dish without having to climb up on his roof, communication studies looks at the works of major communications theorists, and the only one of those worth knowing is Marshall McLuhan, just so you can understand that scene from Annie Hall.

5. Women’s Studies. The best female to male ratio on a college campus, as to the best of our knowledge, no male has ever come away with a degree (well nobody’s copped to it yet, anyway). Blaming male power structure hegemony means a guaranteed ‘A’ and the grudging respect of Sapphic classmates.

4. Film. On a college campus, unless you’ve got electrodes attached to your temples in a lab, film is the most conducive for sleep and while you’re teaching English in Phnom Penh, you’ll be able to discuss Scorsese’s lapsed Catholicism and Kurosawa’s intertextual themes of human entrapment.

3. Acting. While the ‘Fine Arts’ encompass rigorous fields of study like industrial design, music and animation, there’s nothing that underutilizes 1300 grams of gray matter more than acting.  With course offerings in ‘auditions’, or how to respect yourself after you pick up your belongings off the casting couch, and ‘speech’, the quickest way to get beat up in a Cockney pub, this is the easiest way to get a degree that doesn’t involve opening a website and hitting print.

2. Sociology. Some believe there is a pecking order in science, with math at the top, physics second, as you can’t have physics without math, followed by chemistry, which you can’t study without physics, etc.
Further down this hierarchy — to picture how far down, imagine tossing a small stone off the edge of the Grand Canyon and take note of where gravity takes it — is sociology, from the Latin for, “the study of the obvious”. A sociology student symposium is one of the ways of gathering 300 people who think completely unjustifiably that what they’ve studied actually has merit other than holding a psychic expo.

1. Hospitality Management means all the excitement of an office security guard but with secretary skills while sitting at the concierge and learning how to stay calm while a service bell is rung. Also includes ridding bed & breakfasts of fleas brought in from a hygiene-deficient back-backers.


This pretty much sums up my week! I actually think I am looking like this cat this morning! I had Lots of meetings, work and dealing with idiots this week! I need a break!  Enjoy the upcoming weekend!  We just have to make it through today.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Favorite Bikinis - Latina Weather Girl Jackie Guerrido

WOW!  Latina Weather Girl and Uber-Hottie Jackie Guerrido shows off a rather skimpy bikini.

Jackie is from the Show "Primer Impacto", a Latino News/gossip show.  More of her to come in the near future!

Check out All of Our Other Favorite Bikinis

Agent Provocateur - Love Me Tender

This is a Short film written and directed by Greg Williams as a web viral for underwear firm Agent Provocateur staring model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Emily Chang is the Hottie in the Ruffles Commercial?

I think I can speak safely for most guys when I say that Girls who play poker are sexy. Very Sexy!  Just by playing poker, it can add a point or two to your "sexiness" scale ladies!

I have been seeing the Ruffles Commercial alot during the past week.  You know the one, it has the “Ba-ZING!” girl, who does a 30-second morph from cute girlfriend to smokin’ babe, all because of some bacon dip. (Once again showing the incredible powers of Bacon.)

Who is this beauty?  I did some searching and found out it is Emily Chang.  Now I can put a name to the face as I fantasize about her!!!

--Enrique Santos

Better Than Stress Balls!

As you can see by my post earlier today (the continuous pouring whiskey bottle), I am under some stress here at work.  I have a ton to do.  I am hoping to find my own personal set of Stress Balls this weekend!!!

They Were Too Cheap To Hire an Old Couple

Found this while scouring the internet. It is taken from the senior's section of a menu.  I guess they were too cheap to hire a couple.  Either that or the dude sure has a freaky twin!
Not sure what restaurant it is, but I would love to find out.  If you know, please leave it in the comments!

I Need a Drink!

That is why I have used this picture of an endless pouring bottle of whiskey as my background image on my computer.  Anything to get me through this day!!!

I Could Hang Out With These Power Rangers

I am not a big fan of the Power Rangers.  Never watched their cartoons or TV shows when I was a kid and I honestly never paid any attention to them.  So what does it take to get me to pay attention to shit I don't like?  Hotties!!!  These girls in Power Ranger Dresses definitely caught my attention.  They could talk to me all they want about the Power Rangers and I would listen.

So a note to all those Madison Ave. Advertising Execs: If you want to get the Madmen to follow your product, just put said product with Hotties.  You will get our attention!

Serial Butt Stabbers!

Damn!  As if I didn't have enough to worry about with people firing off guns in public places, Gangs cruising the streets looking for someone to beat down, crazy women trying to rape you because they can't get any decent sex (OK, maybe that just happens to me!).  Now, I have to worry about my Butt getting stabbed!!!

It seems that some guy in Virginia was going around and slashing girls' butts in the mall!  Don't believe me, check out the story here.  Thank god they found the man, after an international Manhunt!  They found him and arrested Johnny Guillen in Peru!  He was called "Corta Nalgas" or "Butt Cutter" and is believed to have stabbed 13 girls in the Butt in the Virginia area.

I don't know how safe I feel though.  Sure, the guy was cutting girls' butts and it only happened in Virginia, but I fear copycat criminals!  What if some angry women start slashing guys' butts just to get back at something some dude did to them 10 years ago!  This could be bad.  I don't know about you, but I am going out and buying me some Butt Padding like this stuff:
Not that my butt needs it.  I have been told I have a very shapely butt.  This is purely for protection!
--By the way, that is my stunt double modeling the Butt Padding, I assure you my ass is much better!

This Day in "Matt Harvath" History - Near Death Experience

On this day, September 27, 1996, I - "Matt Harvath" - almost died!  How you ask? 

A Golf Cart Accident!  I was golfing in New Braunfels, Texas at one of the Municipal courses.  I was riding with a friend of mine named Johnny.  Neither one of us had ever been on this course.  It was a rather hilly course with a lot of bunkers.  Johnny was driving, rather fast if I recall, as we came up over a hill.  We thought it was just a regular hill that would have a nice gentle slope down the other side. 

WE WERE WRONG!!!  It was more like a little cliff.  We went over the crest and fell about 6 feet straight down into a creek bed.  Both of us went flying out the cart.  Unfortunately, I fell straight down through the front and the cart landed on top of me.  Luckily, it just landed on my arm and foot, not breaking anything but leaving some nasty bruises.  If I had fallen 2 feet to the left, I would have been smashed and you would not be reading this blog right now!  Think about that!!!!

I am out!

Easy Solution - Shave!

Teacher Rules in 1872

I recently received a chain email outlining the rules teachers had to abide by in 1872. I thought I'd post it here with my thoughts on each rule for today's classroom.

I encourage you to add your thoughts as well!

Teacher Rules, 1872

Teachers each day will fill lamps, and clean chimneys.I don't think this is the job of the teacher anymore, but I would like someone to figure out why the heater in my room doesn't work!! 

Each teacher will bring a bucket of water and a scuttle of coal for the day's session.
The bucket of water may be useful. If a student falls asleep in class, water will wake them up! . I don't think I would be able to bring in a scuttle of coal since I'm not entirely sure what a "scuttle" is. Can it fit in my computer bag?

Make your pens carefully. You may whittle nibs to the individual taste of the pupils.My students don't care, as long as they are sharp enough to through into the ceiling and stick there. 

Men teachers may take one evening each week for courting purposes, or two evenings a week if they go to church regularly.And what if you are already married?  I guess this would be another reason to stay single. 

After ten hours in school, the teachers may spend the remaining time reading the Bible or other good books.
Nowadays, I doubt you could read the Bible in school.  You may get fired.  I would stick to Sports Illustrated. 

Women teachers who marry or engage in unseemly conduct will be dismissed.
The Unseemly conduct thing is alive and well today.  Remember the teacher that went into porn and the teachers that had a catfight in school?

Every teacher should lay aside from each day pay a goodly sum of his earnings for his benefit during his declining years so that he will not become a burden on society.Due to this job, I have prematurely entered my "declining years," so I'm going to spend my money now.

Any teacher who smokes, uses liquor in any form, frequents pool or public halls, or gets shaved in a barber shop will give good reason to suspect his worth, intention, integrity and honesty.I've never been shaved in a barbershop.  Do they still do that?

The teacher who performs his labor faithfully and without fault for five years will be given an increase of twenty-five cents per week in his pay, providing the Board of Education approves.
I guess some things never change.  I bet our raise this year will be about equivalent of that, if the Board approves it. 

There you have it.  Some of the rules that teachers had to abide by in 1872. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tehmeena Afzal - MILF and our winner of the "Hottest Single Mom" Contest

This is hot! It’s titled TEHMEENA AFZAL / MS. MEENA SEXY VIDEO, and was entered in the ‘Hottest Single Mom Contest’ Now she is definitely a MILF!

I haven't seen any of the other videos in that contest, but Ramblings of a Semi-Madman are declaring her the winner!!!

Why Not Watch Kate Upton Playing With Babies and Animals?

Kate Upton has an almost Goddess-like status here at "Ramblings of a Semi-Madman" so it makes sense that we would happily sit back for a few minutes and watch this beauty play with babies and animals!

Remember When...Jennifer Lopez Wore This Hot Dress!

I Will Never Forget It!!!

--Enrique Santos

"Kick a Ginger" Day? - I Missed This One

Some of my best friends are Gingers.  I have dated some Gingers.  As a matter of fact, one of the hottest, wildest and kinkiest girl I have ever been with was a Ginger, so I DO NOT CONDONE "KICK A GINGER" DAY!  Hell, I didn't even know there was one!

A Hillbilly Dream Catcher

U Didn't Build That by MC 'Bama

U Didn't Build That by MC 'Bama (Granholm Style)

Kim Kardashian This Week in Miami

Damn, she is starting to get thick!  Not just her ass, but her legs and arms too.  And wearing that tight gold belt doesn't help!  It just squeezes that fatty tissue around your mid-section down into your ass.

I think she looks like a hotter, female version of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man!  Just put a funny hat on her and cover up those big legs and you can see the resemblance!

Jessica Simpson's Daughter in a Bikini...

Yes, that is Jessica Simpson showing her four-month-old daughter wearing a bikini on public TV.

Maybe it is a celebrity thing, but I would want my infant daughter to be shown on TV wearing a skimpy bathing suit. Just a little too weird. But that's just me. What do you think?

The Structure of the Ass

Ironically, the Pie graph looks like a might fine ass!
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