Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life Saver Bra

Love It!  I need to keep Life Savers Handy by the bedside instead of condoms!  Just joking... I will have condoms and Life Savers for the Ladies that visit me!!!

Nice Treasure Chest

Miranda Kerr in Vogue Italia

One of our readers named Richard emailed us and complained that we haven't done a post about his favorite Hottie, Miranda Kerr.  We are always eager to please our readers, so here is our first post dedicated to Miranda Kerr!  She recently did a photo shoot for Vogue Italia.  Here are a couple of the pics:

Miranda is looking pretty good for Vogue Italia.  I am not a huge fan of hers.  I think she is OK looking, but not a knockout.  She actually looks like a chick that could be attainable for a dude like me.  Maybe I should start liking her more!  Maybe I need to lower my expectation from the Super, Uber Hotties and go for the regular hotties...

And a big Thanks to Vogue Italia because they also have a video of her photoshoot! Enjoy the Video!

The Science of Orgasms

Ever wonder what happens chemically in your brain when you orgasm?  I know I have thought that many times.  I have been thinking about it so much, it has been interfering with my sex life.  Now, when I cum or my Hottie Partner Cums, I am analyzing everything.  How I feel, which muscles are twitching, how much my toes curl... Then I ask her a bunch of questions, which basically weird her out and she quickly tells me she has to leave.  (Actually, that isn't all that bad.  I could add that to the "How to Get Rid of a One-Night Stand" videos.

Now, I don't have to look any further!  All your (and my) questions are answered in this video!

I Didn't Need to See...

...Kelly Osbourne in a Bikini!!! Too bad she is destined to look like her parents Ozzy and Sharon.
I am sorry, but Kelly just doesn't do it for me.  I have a buddy who told me this pics were pretty hot.  Sorry Sean, I just don't see it.  She is average at best, 4.5 tops!  


Former Reality TV (and Semi-Hottie) Brittany Gastineau

Remember Brittany Gastineau.  She is former New York Jets Defensive Stud Mark Gastineau's daughter.  She also used to have a reality show and she was kind of good looking.  She was spotted out and about in a see-through shirt last week.

What is she thinking?  You can clearly see areola and can catch a glimpse of nipple.  Is she wanting to become a porn star or something?  Why would a girl where this unless she was crying out for attention?  And she got it from me and half a million other guys who will gawk at this pic!  Good Job Brittany.  Know do something worthwhile with your life!

The 2nd Trailer for Django is Out and It Still Looks Great

I am telling ya, I cannot wait for this one!  I will probably be there opening night.  I love Tarantino movies and I love Westerns.  Check out the first trailer here.

The "D" is silent...

WTF? Toilet Kisses?

What the Hell is this?  Was some chick throwing up in the toilet last night?  One of the weirdest Bathroom/Lipstick Pics I have ever seen.

Sent to me by Freddy in San Antonio.  He did not elaborate on where he got it other than saying it was after a party...

The Rolling Wheel Kick

I have never seen this one before and my buddy Gary, an MMA expert, claims it is a rare move. This happened in Tyumen, Russia. 18-year-old MMA fighter Mikhail Balakirev executed it to perfection. Maybe it is a Russian Thing!   

It's Gameday! Hook 'em Horns!

I am here in Dallas, getting ready to go to the Texas-OU game.  It is about 5 AM.  I have not slept.  We hit the West End in Dallas and were at the bars until about 2 AM, then we went to a party at a friends house. We are still here and soon will be getting ready to head to the Texas State Fair and The Cotton Bowl for the Game.  WHY THE HELL are they kicking off at 11 AM? I am debating on whether I should take a 2 hour nap or just stay up and say SCREW IT!  

Anyway, I have been drinking since 8 PM last night and I have a bloody mary in my hand right now.  I have no idea if I will make it until 3 PM or whenever the game is over.  I may die of alcohol poisoning.  Wish me luck.

To get ready for the game, here are some pics of University of Texas' Finest Coeds!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Perhaps the Greatest Music Video of All Time!

How do you make an awesome music video? Mix a Nirvana Song, have a bunch of hot girls drinking, partying and having fun in the shower!  You Can't Go Wrong with that!

Imogen Gray Talks Lingerie

Hottie British Model Imogen Gray explains in the video below that there really is lingerie that is only for special occasions.  

I Never Knew.  Probably because I am always trying to get it off of the girl so fast!  

Kelly Brook in Nuts Magazine

Kelly Brook is quickly becoming a regular on this blog.  Check out the Hottie and her posts here!  

It definitely made us happy to see her featured on the cover of British Magazine "NUTS".  I am really liking that magazine.

image hostimage host


Maxim models and Hometown Hotties Finalists 2012, Brittney and Lindsey, treat us to a Maxim style pillow fight.  (No Nudity, but it is still Incredible!)

Lincecum Gets a Facial From Zito

The San Francisco Giants Won their NLDS Series over the Cinncinati Reds yesterday and they had the obligatory Champagne soaked celebration in the Locker Room.  Barry Zito shot some Champagne in Tim Lincecum's face.  Linceum's reaction was priceles.  He says "Now I Know What Chicks Feel Like"

This Monkey Likes Katy Perry

We all know Katy Perry Loves to Show off her boobs!  Just check out some of my Katy Perry posts and you will see that Boobs is a common theme.  And it looks like this Chimp has been reading my blog!  He has the right idea!

Oklahoma - The Pride of The United States

Found this tidbit online from Reuters about our favorite state to the south (if you are in Iowa) or to the north (if you are in Texas):
"Oklahoma tourism officials have recalled about 200,000 brochures with images of activities that may have seemed uninviting to some travelers, such as cow manure tossing and re-enacting Confederate battles, officials said on Wednesday.  The pamphlet, called 2005 Annual Events Guide, featured events and activities throughout Oklahoma. It was also riddled with spelling, grammatical and factual mistakes.

'We discovered the material in the event guide was culturally insensitive and contained errors,' said state tourism director Rob Gray.

One item that may not have helped was a photo of an event in which lumps of cow manure are thrown as a part of a contest in the town of Beaver, in western Oklahoma.

Another photo tourism officials found potentially objectionable showed Civil War re-enactors in Confederate uniforms firing cannons underneath a Confederate battle flag."

What's the best thing to ever come out of Oklahoma?

Southbound and Northbound Interstate 35.

Another Hottie Hula Hooping Video

This one is fully clothed, but those Yoga pants are incredible.  And she has some crazy good Hula Hooping Skills!

Must Have Bought The Economy Model

White Castle - You Out-did Yourself!

Introducing Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Sliders!  Yes, it is a Heart Attack Waiting to Happen, but at least you will die with a smile on your face!

A friend of mine in Chicago Tried them. He told me they look ugly but taste great!  He ate 3 of them in one sitting and could have eaten another one or two but his wife wouldn't let him.  

DAMN, I wish we had White Castles here in Iowa!

The Hottie in the Gangnam Style Music Video

I FOUND OUT WHO SHE IS!!! Hooray!  A Big thanks to a Blog Reader who uses the name IceCreamBun (who happens to be a beauty herself!), who left a comment saying that her name is Hyuna kim.  I did a little research and she is in a girl group called 4minute. 4minute is a South Korean Pop Group.
Here is one of their music videos called "Heart to Heart".  I have no idea what they are saying and I really don't care!

The Need to Reform The American Education System

As an educator, I am always trying to think of ways to make our education system better.  I do have two young kids who have just began their schooling and I want the best for them and all children.  I can't help but to be worried.  Given developments in today’s world, and especially in education, I am beginning to think that our traditional educational system model is a little bit outdated and out of touch with what is needed to perform at the top level in today's world.

I think we need to step back and look at the American Educational System from a fresh new perspective.  A perspective that isn't tainted by "Old-School Thought."  As I see it, it appears that alot of the “fixes” and “reforms” that are being discussed at the local, state and national level are all old-school ideas based on a system that is out of date and no longer applies to the world we live in. Look at the pace of change today in all aspects of society (business, culture, social, etc.)  It is amazing at how fast things are happening.  I believe that we are in the middle of significant change in how things happen and how our lives function. 

Now think about this.  The people who will do well in this changing world and the people who will end up leading us are those people who will be the best prepared for this "new" changed world.  We have got to start preparing today's younger generation for this change.  We need to focus on solid thinking skills, which means thinking in principles and thinking creatively.

A recent story in the NY Times Magazine spoke about innovation leadership and reported that “we need help thinking”.  The business world is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to consultants – the article calls them “brains for hire” – who can “innovate” for them – and the form of innovation is creative thinking. It appears we, as a society, are losing our ability for creative thinking. 

This is why “school” is outdated. School as we’ve known it maybe served a purpose 20, 30, even 50 years ago.  Our school model was adequate to serve that purpose back then, but it has fallen behind and needs an overhaul.  We need an education system that prepares for today: which means preparing students for how to prepare.

This maybe a little hard to understand.  Years ago, when someone started school until the time the graduated, the world did not change a whole lot.  True, there were small changes, but nothing on a big scale.  Therefore, schools could prepare students for their post-education lives because it was fairly simple and straight-forward.  You got a job in a career and worked.  Most careers had not changed that much for the prior 20 or 30 years.  Education didn't get modified too much. 

Now flash forward to today.  We can no longer simply prepare for the present time because by the time students graduate twenty plus years later they are already “obsolete”. That is a scary thought.  We need to prepare students for the world that they will encounter in a time when that world doesn’t yet exist!  We need to equip them to solve problems that we haven’t even identified yet. This sounds like a daunting and difficult task, but it isn't impossible.  What we need to teach students is THINKING, and it’s the one thing that traditional education hasn’t done a very good job of “teaching”.

Traditional Education is still about the facts.  Teach the students the facts and we are good to go.  They know what they need to know.  Schools are starting to look at Critical Thinking skills and focus more on them.  In Iowa, we have CORR, CRISS, and numerous other teaching strategies that seem to be headed that way.  My hope is that we do not abandon them as so often happens with Professional Development categories.  We have got to start incorporating critical thinking more and more in the classroom.  We also need to start teaching the kids these skills at a younger age. 

I have to admit, I am a little worried about my kids' education.  I hope we can get it right, not just for the sake of the kids but for the sake of the adults.  It is today's youth that will lead us in the future.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kelli Hutcherson - MMA Hottie

My friend Jason is an MMA freak. He told me to look up Kelli Hutcherson so I did. THANKS JASON! 

Kelli Hutcherson is a MMA hottie and she just did an amazing photo shoot for Maxim - Portugal.  This girl reminds me how important fitness is and how we need to live a good, healthy life.  Thanks Kelli. You definitely have a healthy and fit body.  MY GOD!  Here are some more pics of this Hard Body:

Catrinel Menghia Is HOT!!!

I am sure you have seen this Hot Fiat car commercial.  It has been playing here in the US since the Super Bowl in February.  I always wondered who the Hottie was!  She is gorgeous!!!  And I Love That Accent

Well I finally found out who this Hottie is! She is Romanian model Catrinel Menghia and I am in Love.  Here are some pics of Catrinel.

Excuse me while I go to the Bathroom!

I Definitely Couldn't Work at Club Orange

Club Orange, the juice with the "Best Bits In The World" and Ireland's number one orange drink, invites you into its Squeezing Rooms.

Yeah, I am pretty sure I would be fired before the end of the first day.  Non-productivity, not being able to concentrate, a possible sexual harassment lawsuit!  Best I stay away and watch

Oklahoma Suks

I remember seeing this beer being sold in Texas at HEB's.  Not sure how it tastes, but I want a bottle of it just as a souvenir.  If anyone has one, let me know. 

As witnessed by my previous posts this week, I do not have any affection for Oklahoma.  I have some friends from there and I've seen quite enough of it driving back and forth between Iowa and Texas over the years. You really couldn't pay me to live in Oklahoma.  (OK, OK -- Maybe if you payed me a couple million a year, I would grace Oklahoma with my permanent presence!) 

Back to the main reason of this post -- Hook 'Em Horns and get me a bottle of that beer.  There is a ton of $$$ in it for you!

This is What I Mean When I Say I'll Have One More!


Science guys -- What is this?  When I first saw it, I thought it was a solar flare or something. 

Well, it wasn't.  It turned out to be a thermal image of a dude passing gas.  And to think I showed the pic to my kids telling them it is the sun and exlpained solar flares to them (Like they understood, they are 3 and 6.)  My friend sent me this by email and then sent me another saying he had just exposed me to the world's worst fart joke (Yes, I do have a few science geeks as friends). 

Please forgive me for passing this on to you.

Lindsay Lohan Plays a Porn Star in "The Canyons"

Here is the trailer for the movie "The Canyons."  In it, Lindsay Lohan plays a porn star, which shouldn't be too much of a stretch for her since she is an alcoholic/druggie who probably has been with her fair share of men.  So it makes sense that she would play a porn star.  The movie trailer looks like something from the 70's.  The movie looks terrible and I sure will not see it unless there is a ton of sex in it.  So somebody let me know if the sex is worth it after they have seen it...

American Food in the UK

A Friend of mine came back from visiting England yesterday.  He was showing me all the normal touristy pics; Parliament, Buckingham Palace, The Thames, The guards in those funny hats, etc.  Then he showed me this pic:

He had to run into a grocery store to get some toothpaste and shaving cream and this was set up near the front of the store. A big "American Food" display.  He told me there was even more, but he only took the one picture.  It was all junk-food.  Candy Bars, Sugary cereal (they had Frosted Flakes too), and tons of other unhealthy snacks!   At first I actually felt a little offended.  They were basically saying American food is unhealthy and made up of mostly Junk food.  

This morning, I had to go to the grocery store and get some things.  I was thinking about this picture and it dawned on me:  They are Right!  As I was walking in the grocery store, I saw a display for Coke, then one for Chips and Dip, then there was a big display of beer.  Then came the Halloween Candy Display.  Not a single "Healthy" item was featured!  Next time you go in your grocery store here in the States, notice the big displays up front and see if I am right!  DAMN, We are Pigs!!!!

Girl is Dry-Humped by a Dolphin

For Real!  Check it out:

I guess Dolphins really are smart.  This guy had to intentionally do it.  He knew all along he was going to Dry Hump her. Did you see his little look after he hopped off? It was almost as if he was smiling and giving a little laugh, like a "I Got You!" or something.

A Stupid Oklahoman (Imagine That)

Another post in honor of Red River Shootout Week.  GO HORNS!!!

It's a scientific fact that Oklahoma is a magnet for stupidity and white-trashocity. For years I've encouraged Oklahoma residents to do the world a favor and have themselves voluntarily sterilized, but to no avail.

Meet Irene Tanner.

First, just look at that mug- I don't know how to say it nicely, she's just plain ugly; but that's not the point. The point is that this Oklahoma beauty queen recently gave birth to a baby girl with a .21 BAC. A .21 Blood Alcohol Content.  WAIT...Let that sink in...Remember, the Legal Limit for driving is .08.  She was almost 3 times the legal limit. 

How did this happen?

Well, ol' Leatherface decided that it'd be a good idea to down a few beers before going into labor. She later informed police that she'd drank through most of her pregnancy, and even joked about naming her kid after her brew of choice: Milwaukee's Best.

People like Ms. Tanner (I've never used the term "people" so loosely) are the reason that we have the death penalty in America.

This dumb, inbred yokel deserves, at the very least life in prison.  Why not just give her the death penalty.  I hope they took the kid away from her.  Of course, the kid is probably pretty messed up if she was drinking throughout her pregnancy.
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