Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why Can't I Have A Job Like This Guy

This looks like a fun Job.  Rubbing oil on bikini models before and during a photo shoot.  The dude probably makes more than me in a year and gets to do that!  I need to switch jobs!

A Geek Butt That Hypnotizes

Want to know if you are a Geek?  Look at this GIF of a Geek Butt for 3 minutes.  You will become hypnotized if you are a Geek.  If you don't become hypnotized, then you are not a geek, you are just a horny guy.  I found out I am just horny...

Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Boobs For Halloween

Glad to see that Jessica Simpson made it out this Halloween.  She also found a way to hide her ever increasing fatness.  Not exactly sure what she is dressed up as, but she sure is trying to make everyone look at her tits!

Jenny McCarthy's Costume is...?

I have no idea! I guess she went as a slut wearing cat glasses.  I have to give her credit, she is still looking Hot. Jenny McCarthy is definitely a MILF.

Porn Star Jenna Haze - The Tempting Flicker

This is actually Safe For Work.  Imagine that from a porn star!

Jenna Haze is a hottie. She is also a porn star. And she also knows how to dance and tease, which is essential since she also strips from time to time.

Here is a short video of Jenna Haze dancing and teasing while wearing a sundress. She ends up in a bikini by the end of the video. Watch and Enjoy!


Dan Balan - Chica Bomb (A Hot Music Video)

This is one of the Hotter Music Videos we have seen.  Not a big fan of the song, but the Video is GREAT!  WHO IS THE HOTTIE?  MY GOD!

Petra Nemcova - Love the Shirt

What is it with celebrities wearing awesome see-thru shirts while not wearing a bra? I am loving this new trend!

Kelly Kelly Was a Viking For Halloween

Blog Favorite Kelly Kelly dressed up like a sexy Viking for Halloween. If Female Minnesota Viking Fans started dressing up like that, I could actually cheer for that team.

I have also heard that Kelly Kelly is now going by the name Barbie Blank since she cannot legally use the name Kelly Kelly because it is a registered trademark of the WWF. Barbie Blank, Kelly Kelly, it is all the same to me. I think we will stick with Kelly Kelly until Vince McMahon and his goons try and sue us!

No Farting and Face Sitting for Me!

Seriously?  There are people who pay women like her to sit on their faces?  I would be afraid of suffocating to death.

WTF - A Horsehead Man with a Baby

I guess even Centaurs are allowed to love their babies.  Thank God that one didn't get any of the Centaur Genes!

The Best Baby Halloween Costume

Well Done Subway!  Well Done!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Frederick's of Hollywood

I remember growing up, Frederick's of Hollywood was always the "Dirty" lingerie store.  Victoria's Secret was classy but only sluts and perverts shopped at Frederick's.  In High School, we would always try and get the Frederick's of Hollywood catalog because it was Sexy and verged on Porn.  Then, all of a sudden, it was gone.  Frederick's disappeared.  They left the mall, no more catalogs, no commercials, no nothing. I thought they went out of business or something.

For some reason, I decided to search for them this week on the internet.  I am happy to inform you all that Frederick's of Hollywood is still around, and just as good or better than they were when I was a young, horny lad!

And Check out their Video below all of these Hot Pics!  All I can say is "Victoria What?"

Hate To Tell You Ladies, But The Camouflage Isn't Working

Belly Dancing Perfection

Here is a video of two Beautiful ladies practicing their Belly Dancing.  Have I ever said How Much I love Belly Dancing?  Well, I LOVE IT!  Look at the moves, the sensuality, the hotness!

Your Ass is Backwards


Free Advice Friday- How to get rid of a One Night Stand

Many of you have been there.  You picked up a hottie at the bar, had a crazy time and now it is morning, the next day.  She is lying there in bed next too you and you can only think of one thing: How can I get this girl to leave my place (after we have some wild morning sex of course)?

Here is the answer.  Check out these videos and all of your "Morning After a One Night Stand" problems will be solved!

Study Finds that Alcohol Leads to Unsafe Sex - No Shit!!!

Seriously?  I could have told you that from my own personal study that I conducted about 15 years ago!  People actually pay for and commission these studies?

Anyway, it now appears that it is official!  Getting tanked on cheap beer and shots can lead to unsafe sex.  That means people are more likely to not use condoms and do other risky sex stuff when they are drunk!  What other types of Unsafe Sex are there? Glad you asked.  Here are a few examples:

--Due to your drunken state, you fall off the bed because you have lost all sense of balance, thus leading to a serious concussion or a broken arm.

--Getting thrown out of a club by a doorman because you and some hottie are having sex in the bathroom.

--Because you can't pick up a chick at a club, you go to the bad area of town and dish out $15 for some Crack Whore, who then gives you just about every STD there is in the book because you are too drunk to care about Condoms and you beg her to do it bareback style.

--You decide to take your hot, married neighbor up on her offer of a wild and crazy night when her hubby is gone.  Unfortunately for you, her hubby comes back home and beats your ass to within an inch of death.  You spend the next week in the hospital.

--You get an indecent exposure citation when a cop walks up behind you while a girl is giving you a BJ in the alley behind the clubs.

There Are So Many Things Wrong With This Picture

1.  The guy is trying to be a stormtrooper, but he bought a cheap knock-off replica.  The helmet is all wrong.
2.  That chick is carrying a big big bag that looks heavy.  Everyone knows that the man should do the carrying and the woman push the kid because it is easier to push than carry. 
3.  Don't you think the guy is a little hot in that costume.
4.  I could be all wrong.  Maybe the stormtrooper wannabe is a girl and they adopted the kids.
5.  I fear for the kid.  Is he/she going to grow up all geeky? Can we get Child Services in here? 

Where Is This At?

I seriously want to plan a vacation to this spot and ride that slide!

If anyone knows, please leave its whereabouts in the comments.  Thanks!

The President and the First Lady Celebrate Halloween

Even the President and the First Lady got in the Halloween Spirit. 

Free Friday Advice -- More Advice for College Students

Here we go again – FREE ADVICE FRIDAY. This one was written by another teacher (Robert Minor) and we were both teaching together years ago in Texas. We were both social studies teachers, so that explains alot.  I had it on a website about 10 years ago and I still had the file. I haven’t talked to Robert in years, so I hope he reads this. Last I hear, he was still teaching in San Angelo, Texas.  If anyone knows Robert let him know I am still teaching. I took our original work and added a little, since I am now older and wiser (and heavier!!) I hope this helps at least one college student. Enjoy. (and as always, there is a little sarcasm involved, so take it for what it is worth)

Many of you people out there are just a month or so into your fall college semester. For some of you, it is your first semester ever in college. I have been in your shoes!! I know what it is like. You are scared little freshmen not sure of what will become of yourself on life’s long journey. Well, I am here to help!!!

College is basically a bunch of classrooms where you sit for roughly three thousand hours and try to memorize things and soak in all of the knowledge your overpaid college professors are trying to force into your brains (yes, I said overpaid – That is why I want to eventually become a college professor!!). The three thousand hours are spread out over four years (if you are lucky – Many of you will probably stretch that into 5 or 6 years); you spend the rest of the time sleeping, drinking ridiculous amounts of alcohol and trying to get dates.

Basically, you learn two kinds of things in college:

1. Things you will need to know in later life (ten hours). These include how to make collect telephone calls, make the most out of an all-you-can-eat buffet, mix drinks, pick-up people at parties and get alcohol stains out of your clothes.

2. Things you will not need to know in later life (2,990 hours). These are the things you learn in classes with names ending in -ology, -osophy, -istry, -ics, etc. The idea is very simple - you memorize the information presented by the professor, then write them down in little blue exam books, then forget them so after the semester is over. If you fail to forget them, you are destined to become a high school teacher or college professor and you will be destined to stay in college for the rest of your life (even high school teachers are college bound forever with in-service and workshop credits and renewals). It's very difficult to forget everything. For example, when I was in college, I had to memorize -- don't ask me why -- the names of 10 famous sonnet writers. Of course, there is Shakespeare, but for some odd reason I remember 7 others (Donne, Petrarch, Wyatt, Wordsworth, Browning, Gray, and Milton) and I am not even an English Lit. teacher. I learned the names of the most influential African leaders in Post-Colonial Africa. I still remember most (Kwame Nkrumah, Mugabe, Kenyatta, Nyerere, Obote, Amin, Selassie, etc.) I doubt there are many Americans that can name more than a couple. The sad thing is that there are times when I am trying to remember if my wife told me to buy Jalapeños or Serranos and I draw a blank, but I can always remember those names. No idea why!!

Soon after arriving at the University, you are supposed to choose a major, which is the subject you intend to memorize and forget the most things about. You usually choose a minor too, which is the area that will have the second most stuff that you will memorize and forget.

Here is a very important piece of advice: Be sure to choose a major that does not involve Known Facts and Right Answers. This means you must NOT major in mathematics, physics, biology, or chemistry, because these subjects involve actual facts. They have concrete answers that cannot be argued. If, for example, you major in mathematics, you're going to wander into class one day and the professor will say: "Define the cosine integer of the quadrant of a rhomboid binary axis, and extrapolate your result to five significant vertices." If you don't come up with “exactly” the answer the professor has in mind, you fail. It is wrong and there is no argument about it. The same is true of chemistry: if you write in your exam book that carbon and hydrogen combine to form whiskey, your professor will flunk you. He wants you to come up with the same answer he and all the other scientists have agreed on after exhaustive studies using the scientific method. Scientists are extremely particular about this. There is no room for debate.

So you should major in subjects like English, philosophy, psychology, and sociology -- subjects in which no one really understands what anybody else is talking about, and which involve virtually no actual facts, just hypothesis, circumstance, and very vague ideas. I attended classes in all these subjects since I was a History major in the Liberal Arts school at UT, so I'll give you a quick overview of each of these wonderful subjects:

ENGLISH: This involves writing papers about long books you have read little snippets of just before class (you won’t have time to read the whole thing since you are concentrating on the 2,990 hours of things you will learn that you “need” to know). Here is a tip on how to get good grades on your English papers: Never say anything about a book that anybody with any common sense would say. For example, suppose you are studying Moby-Dick. Anybody with any common sense would say that Moby-Dick is a big white whale, since the characters in the book refer to it as a big white whale roughly eleven thousand times. So in your paper, you say Moby-Dick is actually a representation of the Republic of Ireland. Your professor, who is sick to death of reading papers and never liked Moby-Dick anyway, will think you are a very creative person and therefore, definitely would understand the novel. If you can regularly come up with lunatic interpretations of simple stories, you should major in English.

PHILOSOPHY: Basically, this involves sitting in a room and deciding there is no such thing as reality and then going to lunch. You should major in philosophy if you plan to take a lot of drugs or you want to wear wool sweaters, wear wire-rimmed glasses and sit around with others dressed like you and talk about “life” for 15 hours a day – for the rest of your life!!!

PSYCHOLOGY: This involves talking about monkeys, Freud and dreams. Psychologists are “obsessed” with monkeys and dreams. My aunt was a psychologist and she loved both, and always threw in a little Freud in her explanations. If you want to spend an entire semester training a rat to punch little buttons in a certain sequence, then this is right up your alley. If you dream about rats, then you may become the best psychologist ever!!!

SOCIOLOGY: For sheer lack of intelligibility, sociology is far and away the number one subject. It is hard to understand and rarely makes sense. I sat through over one hundred hours of sociology courses, and read gobs of sociology writing and texts, and I never once heard or read a coherent statement. This is because sociologists want to be considered scientists, so they spend most of their time translating simple, obvious observations into scientific-sounding code. If you plan to major in sociology, you'll have to learn to do the same thing. For example, suppose you have observed that children cry when they fall down. Most people would write it like “When children fall down and they hurt themselves, they tend to cry.” A sociologist would write something like: "Methodological observation of the sociometrical behavior tendencies of prematurated isolates indicates that a casual relationship exists between groundward tropism and lachrimatory, or 'crying,' behavior forms." If you can keep this up for fifty or sixty pages, you will get a large government grant and will be published and hailed as a “pioneer” in the sociology field.

So, there you go, some very basic guidance for you new college students. I truly hope that this helps you make your transition from High School to College much easier.

Tim Tebow - The Stud in Bible Study

Ladies, you have to be kidding me!  Tim Tebow is a Has-Been.  He probably will only last another year or so in the NFL, then he will be off to the CFL or Arena League.  You better get your hug quickly, before disappears from the public eye since no one will care anymore.

Seaside Heights, New Jersey Got The Worst of Hurricane Sandy

WOW! Before & after pictures of the Seaside Boardwalk. Unbelievable!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Three Sexy Ninjas

Wish I ran into this trio on Halloween Night!

Girls In Bikinis - A Fail Compilation

We love Hotties in Bikinis here at the blog.  We also love some great Fails that make us laugh our asses off! So why not combine the two?  Glad you asked.  We found this video which does just that.  So enjoy watching gorgeous babes in Bikinis Failing, Failing and Failing!!!!

Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete's Halloween Costume

Former Miss Universe, Ximena Navarrete (From Mexico) wearing an Interesting costume.  I guess when you are rich and famous, you can wear stuff like this.

The Perfect Hip Thrust Form

WOW! If you want to learn perfect Hip Thrust Form, check out this informational video!

I could really care less about my form, I just like watching the video!!!!

Thanks to for this wonderful tutorial!


Ellen's Topless Pool Service - Ellen DeGeneres' Cruel Prank

Ellen DeGeneres pulls a cruel prank. To shoot down the dreams of this man...Shame on you Ellen. On another note, if you don't start this service, I think I will!!!

The Lance Armstrong Tattoo

Do You Think This Guy Regrets His Lance Armstrong "Ride With Pride" Tattoo?  My guess would be "Yes"

Pictures from Mexico - Día de los Muertos

I told you I would post some pictures from the Day of the Dead Celebration in Oaxaca.  Here they are.  Enjoy!
At the Grave.
Skeletons are even in the windows looking down on you as you walk.  Creepy!
Calaveras y Calacas
At the Cemetary
Una Ofrenda (Altar)

In the cemetary

Another Altar (Una Ofrenda)

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