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New Segment - Porn Star Quotes

We are starting up a new series of posts on this blog entitled "Porn Star Quotes."  So many people think that porn stars are stupid and one-dimensional, and some of them are.  But there are also some who are not.  We are going to post quotes from famous porn stars around the world, sharing their wisdom, advice and deep thoughts.  After all, porn stars are people too!

Stay tuned for our first post within days!  

Lady Gaga Likes Cake

Normally when I see a Woman wearing nothing but a bra and panties and high heels rolling around in food, I get excited.  But Lady Gaga in a bra, panties and high heels rolling around in a big messy cake is another story.   I am not excited.  No boners or anything.

Lady Gag is doing all of this "sexy" cake shit because she has a new song out that is called (You guessed it) “Cake” .  Ok, it isn't all that new.  It has been out for a couple of months, but I just don't keep up with Gaga as much as the rest of the world does.  Anyway, the song sounds like she is trippin' on some bad drugs.  Seriously, it is bizarre.  The video is kind of like amateur porn or something.  Lap Dances, Gaga slapping other girls wearing skimpy panties on their asses.  Bizarre stuff, even for her.  Check out a teaser of the video:

And what is up with Lady Gaga trying to be all sexy now?  I mean she actually looks halfway decent in that pic up at the top of the post.  Is she going a new route now?  Trying to get the mainstream guy crowd to watch her?  Is she all of sudden trying to be "Normal?"

Or is she just doing this to throw everyone off?  She is a media whore.  She will do anything to get people talking about her.  And if her name starts disappearing from the "Most Tweeted" ranks, she is going to do something drastic to get it back up there. I truly believe that is all she is worried about.  She just wants to be famous for as long as she can.

Our Favorite Bikinis - Nice Pineapples!

Check out All of Our Other Favorite Bikinis

Only in Brazil - Booty Shakin' Head Relaxin'

I have been to Brazil and I can attest to the fact that the ladies there really know how to shake their booty!  I bet this feels like some sort of Head Massage or something.  I would give it a try, as long as the girl didn't fart while my head was there!

That is a Fit Body!!!

That is a very fit body!  She must work out daily. 

A Texas Style Wind Chime

My Friend Ronnie has this hanging on his porch.  He is such a redneck!

Botas Picudas

Some of my Friends have been sending my wife and I pics and videos of the latest "Naco" Craze going on in Mexico, Texas and California.  They are called Botas Picudas, which translates as Pointy Boots. 

They are worn almost exclusively by men and are all the wage in the Chuntaro and Naco communities. 
They are usually worn with normal cowboy attire - cowboy hats, tight jeans, fancy button-down shirts and big belt buckles.  The only difference was they are wearing these comical boots instead of normal cowboy boots. 
I have been reading that the men wearing these boots have been getting very competitive about whose boots are longer and pointier. There are mock showdowns and there have even been fights.  I suppose some people will cut the tips off in order to "Shame" their opponents. 

It has gotten so ridiculous that some of the botas picudas can be so long that the wearer attaches the tip of the boot to their wrists to keep from tripping.
Check out the documentary below.  It explains how DJ Erick Rinc√≥n and the Tribal music scene in Mexico City played a part in popularizing botas picudas throughout Mexico and even here in the United States.

To me, I think it is a ridiculous style.  They are not practical and look even comical.  Do the people wearing these things actually think they are cool wearing them?  As my Monterrey friends point out, they are most often worn by people who are deemed "Nacos" or "Chuntaros".  I thought it was appropriate to post this today since I just did a terrifying Tuesday post on Nacos.  (See how I tie everything together) 
Let me know what you think in the comments section and please, if you are a Naco, let me know why you wear these things.  (That is assuming Nacos can use a computer)

Zombie Contingency Plan

Found this while surfing the web. Enjoy!

Movie Reviews -- Star Trek (2009)

The Star Trek movie was on last night (the last one from 2009). I love Star Trek, although I am not a die-hard Trekkie who goes to the conventions and dresses up like a Klingon (I have a life!!).  This movie is what Hollywood calls an origin story. The movie tells the story of how did James P. Kirk become a starship commander. We also get to see a young Spock and watch the friendship between Spock and Kirk develop.  And we also see the crew of the Enterprise form. 

James P. Kirk's dad, starship commander Jean Luc Godard, dies in childbirth and little baby Kirk gets sent back to Earth with his mom.  And where does Kirk grow up?  Well right here in Iowa where I live.  Since he is growing up in Iowa with not much to do, he gets crazy, rebellous and gets in a lot of fights right near one of the spaceships that grows in the corn fields. Because he fights all the time and his dad was a great starfighter, James P. Kirk is invited to be a space captain. He agrees and manages to get on the newest and biggest starship the Federation has.  There is a problem;  Spock is actually the main dude on the ship and he hates Kirk.
One shocker in the movie -- Spock was having an affair with Uhura!!  WOW!!  I never would have guessed that based on the other movies and the TV episodes.  I always thought Kirk was the Ladies man.

Of course the movie has to have at least one person from the TV series and movies.  They get Leonard Nimoy back to play an older version of Spock who comes back and gives great advice.  Kirk meets Spock's future self, who explains to him that it's okay to help young Spock because they will be friends later. So, James P. Kirk helps Spock and they  end up saving the world, just like the other movies. In the process, they free pike, who is also a starship commander.  Pike ends up on the TV series (I guess that he came from the series to the movie since the movie was later, er, uh, it was made later but is really before the TV series -- I have no clue how to explain that one.)

So what do I think of the 2009 Star Trek movie? It's pretty good, but definitely not the best Star Trek movie ever.  It does help tie up some lose ends from the previous movies and the TV show (Like how Kirk beat the test that was unbeatable.)  There is still alot missing and I assume that is because they want to start making some more Star Trek movies again.  I have a feeling there will be more movies showing a young Enterprise crew fighting Romulans and Klingons.

Einstein Really Was a Genius!


Sometimes, I just have to ask "Why?"

For instance, why do people say, "I could care less about such and such..." when it it is obvious they do.  I mean they say that then they ramble on for a minute about Why they don't care about it.  It just doesn't make sense. If you don't care about it, then don't even bring it up.  Avoid the subject.  Say nothing.

And what about the wording?  You could care less? Then why don't you? What is holding you back from caring less?  I certainly won't pressure you into caring more. 

Come on people:  If you don't care about something, at least not care about it in the correct manner.
That is all for now... Enjoy your day!

Stupidity at Its Finest

Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Readers - Alma From Colombia

This is Alma.  She follows our blog all the way from Colombia (The country, not the city in Missouri).  She is learning English and likes to use our blog to help her with her English Reading!  We are honored that a hottie such as yourself reads the blog!  And we love the fact that we are also teaching you English.  So does this mean we can never hook up since you are like my student? 

Tu eres una bella!  Muchos Besos y cuando vienes a los E.E. U.U., Visitanos!!!

Lisa Ramos or Melanie Iglesias?

Lisa Ramos and Melanie Iglesias are two of our favorite Hotties here at the blog.  We have featured them numerous times.  Just click on the links over their names to see all of their sexy posts.

They are both so sexy, yet they have a cute, playful, innocent quality about them.  I am getting all excited just thinking about them.  Just look at them up there!

A reader wrote us and asked which one we would rather go out with.  What a hard question!  I honestly do not have a favorite.  They are both incredible.  I would be honored to call either one my girlfriend.  

Of course my dream would be that they are both BI and want to be with each other and they settle on one guy to share for the rest of their lives.  Of course, that guy would be me!  Imagine having both of them!  And at the same time.  The Ultimate Threesome!  

Excuse me while I go to the Bathroom...

Free Advice Friday - Spice Up The Bedroom!

We are still taking reader's emails and questions for Free Advice Fridays.  Send them to us at  We have about 30 right now, so we will get to them as soon as we can. Thanks!

This one is a rather Sexy edition of Free Advice Friday!

Dear Madmen: I’ve been sleeping with the same woman for over seven years. We are married and I love her like no other, but the sex is kind of getting stale and boring.  It isn't just her fault or my fault, we are in a rut.  How can I keep things exciting in the bedroom?

Matt Says:
I think anyone who has been in a long-term relationship experiences this after awhile. For some, it may be after a few months, for others after years and years. Unless you both are porn stars and know of thousands of positions and kinky things to do, and are willing to do them, this is going to happen in every relationship. When it comes to keeping sex exciting as the years go by, the most frequently used solutions include “experimentation,” “heavy drinking,” “sex in a convertible while someone else is driving it through downtown L.A.,” "Making Kinky Videos" and, finally, “fucking other people.”
That last one, though highly recommended and exciting, can certainly get you into trouble.  This one has led to the destruction of many relationships, so maybe you should immediately cross that one of the list.  What about experimentation? Have you tried that one?  Is the sex you two are having the plain old girlon top or guy on top sex? If you answered yes, then there’s certainly some options for spicing it up/  Some of them involve harnesses, sex swings, latex and handcuffs.   Others are much more simpler.

How about roleplaying? “Hooker and john” is an always-popular choice. Or "Teacher and Sexy Student in a School Uniform".  Another favorite is "Superman and Superwoman," although this one has led to broken furniture and personal injury, even hospitalization.  Other options include “debutante and short-order cook,” “thief and congresswoman,” and “trucker lady and sensitive, recently-divorced owner of a small Seattle bookshop.”

What about some different types of foreplay?  Hand jobs, Different types of blow jobs, you going down on her, etc. can all spice things up a bit.  Be inventive.  If need be, download some porn to get some new ideas.  

Porn videos could also help you discover new positions.  Depending on how acrobatic and flexible you are, there are thousands of wild positions out there. 

And lastly, try public sex. This is one of my favorites.  I have done it many times outside in public.  Maybe just off of a hiking trail, or sneak into the bathroom at a store and lock yourself in one of the stalls.  Find a dark corner of a nightclub and go at it.  She can wear a skirt with no panties.  The possibilities are endless.

Ernique Says: This is a simple problem to fix. Things get old but you can spice it up quickly and easily.

Unlike Matt, I think the whole "Swinging" idea is great.  Nothing spices up your sex life than adding a few strangers into the mix.  Just make sure they aren't friends because that is when things can get weird.  Go to some weekend Sex Party somewhere.  Most big cities have Swingers Clubs where you can have anything from a threesome all the way to a full blown orgy!  

If you live in a small town or out in the boondocks, then that option may not be applicable to you two. Then all you have to do is mix it up!  No more missionary. No more wearing t-shirts to bed, sleep naked! No more 30-second sessions of foreplay in which she strokes your cock a couple of times and you lick a boob and insert a finger for 5 seconds. Go to your nearest Adult Sex Store (Together) and look at the toys and outfits.  Buy something you both like.  Get a book like the Kama Sutra and start trying different positions. Watch Porn.  Like Matt said, that will give you a ton of ideas (Some of them may be illegal in some states.)

Have fun and be wild!!!

How to Ask For Oral Sex - A Guide for Guys and Girls

What I Learned Today at the Walk-In Clinic

My buddy was feeling like crap today and called me up to see if I could take him to the clinic.  He had a terrible headache and stomach cramps and didn't feel like driving.  I picked him up and took him to one of those walk-in clinics on the south side of Austin.  We were there for almost 2 hours.  There were probably 70 people who passed through there while I was there.  What an eye opening experience!  I actually had fun observing people and eavesdropping on conversations.  Here are some of the things that I observed today:

--I saw 3 different ladies who were there for an STD/AIDS test.  2 were there with their boyfriends.  The other was by herself, but she was on the phone talking to a friend and sitting back to back with me.  I heard her say "I figured it was time to get tested.  I think I have been with 20 guys this month and when I am drunk, you know me.  I am not always the safest (accompanied by a giggle.)  I got a chance to see her as she went to get a drink of water.  She was actually pretty hot.  I considered striking up a conversation with her, knowing that it would mean an afternoon in her bed, but she got called in for her test just as I was saying the pros and cons.  I would have definitely wrapped it up with her, just in case.

--There are a lot of old people who are sick.  I bet almost 50% of the people there were over 60 years old.

--There are also a lot of little kids who are sick.  Kids under 6 made up about 30 percent.

--12 -16 year old girls wear the shortest short shorts.  Seriously, when/if I get a daughter, I would never let her wear anything close to those.  It is almost as if they are trying to get guys to look at them and perverts to hit on them.  These girls are the reason Child Pornography survives.  When teens dress like that, they get guys thinking and going.

--The previous point led me to come up with a solution to end Child Pornography.  Outlaw short shorts and sexy clothing for anyone under 18 years old!!!

--The nurses and assistants that work in these clinics are not happy.  They always look mean, talk to you as if you are an idiot and don't like to answer questions. They gave us 4 forms to fill out, two of them looked the same.  We asked if we had the fill out the duplicate form.  The lady at the desk said "How many forms did I give you?"  We said "4".  She said, "Well then you fill out Four Forms!"
I swear we saw her throw away one form after we gave it back to her and went back to our seats.

--Maury Povich should do a couple of episodes from these clinics!  There were couples fighting, women wondering if they were pregnant and who the father could be, Moms cussing out their little ones, and an old guy of about 70 eye-raping the young girls with short shorts (No Joke, he spent at least 20 minutes just fixated on them.  He would just stare and crack a smile every once-in-a-while.  What a dirty old man!)

--It pays to be bloody.  While we were there, 2 people came in, each with blood all over them. One cut their arm with a saw and another had a compound fracture in her leg.  The bone was sticking out of the skin.  They got in right away.  I tried to tell Ronnie that he should go to the bathroom and slash his arm open or something, but he wouldn't do it.  Said he didn't have a knife.  I volunteered the use of my keys, but he still wouldn't do it.

Overall, it was an interesting afternoon.  We spent just over 2 hours there.  There is some good blogging material in these places.  I may start visiting these clinics on a monthly basis and write a post about it.

Now That's What I am Talking About!

Any woman that can be seduced with bacon is a woman that is a keeper!  Guys, if you find a woman like that, marry her - Don't wait!

A Couple of other deep thoughts on this topic:
1.  This is Men's Health Magazine -- Isn't bacon unhealthy?  Why would they promote something so unhealthy?
2.  Seducing a woman with bacon could get messy.  Where are you going to put the bacon?  You have to watch out so you don't burn her.  Are we talking Bacon pasties?  What about wrapping your "Johnson" in Bacon?  Would she bite it and cause injury?

So many unanswered questions!  I guess I need to get a hold of that issue.

Bikini Model Gets Wiped Out by a Wave

Oh Shit!!! is right!  Sometimes it is nice to see the young and beautiful Fail!

This Woman is Naked...Except for the Cheese

That is...interesting?  

Badass #3 - Geronimo

So far, I have profiled a couple of real Badasses on this blog.  I have profiled Andrew Jackson and Shaka Zulu.

Now, I present a Badass extraordinaire, Geronimo.  Geronimo was perhaps the greatest and bravest of all Native American Leaders. 

Geronimo was born Goyathlay of the Chiricahua Apache in 1829. His badass adventures began as a response to Mexican soldiers and a raid on his village.  You see, one day Goyathlay went into town to do some trading and get some supplies.  While he was there, a group of Mexican soldiers crossed into Arizona and marched into his village for no reason at all and started wantonly slaughtering the Apache women and children, destroying their food supplies, and capturing their weapons, horses, and medicine. Goyathlay returned to find his home in flames, his mother, wife and children all slain by the soldiers.

As you can imagine, Goyathlay, the 27-year old Apache brave, was in shock.  That shock lasted for about a minute or two and then he was filled with rage.  He vowed to hunt down the Mexican soldiers that did this and kill them all. 
Goyathlay put on his war-paint and recruited braves to help him hunt down the Mexican soldiers.  He also decided he was going to kill as many Mexican soldiers, and anyone else who happened to get in his way, as he could.   He declared war on the country of Mexico.  How cool is that?  One man declaring war on a whole country.  That is Badass defined! 
He and his braves set out for Mexico, traveling on foot.  They walked over fifty miles a day in the Arizona heat.  They marched all the way to the Mexican village of Arispe, where they were met by eight Mexican soldiers.  Goyathlay and his braves killed them and scalped them.   
The next morning, eight companies of Mexican Infantry marched forth to do battle with Goyathlay and the Apache. When Goyathlay saw that some of these soldiers were from the same company that perpetrated the massacre at his village, he basically went berserk.  He saw his chance to avenge the deaths of his family.  He was so pissed off that he charged into the entire company of Mexican soldiers who were firing their rifles.  Somehow, none of the bullets hit him (many Mexican soldiers later swore that he was actually impervious to all forms of gunfire). He broke through the lines with only a large hunting knife to use as a weapon.  Goyathlay went crazy, slashing and stabbing Mexican solders left and right. 
Needless to say, the Mexicans were scared as Hell.  They were screaming and pleaing  to Saint Jerome to save them from this crazy, knife-wielding madman.  This only made Goyathlay get wilder.  He was a like Rambo!

When the battle finally was over, he stood in the battlefield surrounded by bodies of dead Mexican Soldiers.  Although some of the other braves killed some of the soldiers, surviving Mexican soldiers and the Apache Braves all said that Goyathlay had probably killed over half of them by himself.  The Apache braves were impressed and asked him to be their new War Leader.  He accepted and his first order was to scalp all of the dead soldiers. 

The legend was born.  Goyathlay took the name "Jeronimo" (Because it sounded like St. Jerome in Spanish) to remind everyone in the world how badass he was.

For the next twenty years, he continued his war on Mexico.  He led at least a couple-dozen raids across the border into Mexican territory.  Each raid ended with many Mexicans dead and scalped. 

One of his most impressive victories came at the Battle of White Hill in 1879, when two companies of Mexican cavalrymen went up against a war party of about fifty Apache warriors. Geronimo knew he was outnumbered so he simply ducked behind cover when he could and fired his rifle from time to time, just waiting for the Mexicans to run out of ammo.  When they did, the Apache ambushed them and fought a huge hand-to-hand combat battle.  They killed all of the Mexican soldiers in that battle using only spears, tomahawks, and knives.

In the 1870's and 80's, he was not only battling the Mexicans, but he was battling the United States military as well.  The U.S. was moving into Apache territory Uninvited.  On at least four separate occasions between 1872 and 1887, he led war parties against the United States Calvary. Many of the American soldiers had heard the stories about Geronimo and his battles against the Mexicans.  American Soldiers were afraid of him just as much as the Mexicans were.

Geronimo did not go through all of these battles without suffering some injuries. 
During his raids and battles, he was shot at least six times, had his leg gouged with a saber, and knocked unconscious by the butt of a rifle. He never was captured during these battles.

The one thing he could not do was regenerate his Apache warriors.  Although they fought well against the American calvary, they still lost many warriors in battle.  Their numbers began falling in the 1880's until they reached a point where they did not have enough braves to go into battle.  In 1887, Geronimo had only 35 braves left and he was to face a huge American calvary unit.  He knew it would be suicide and he decided to surrender.

He had fought the armies of two countries for 30+years and he was the last Native American leader to surrender.  He held out the longest out of all the Tribes.

I leave you with one of his greatest quotes:
"Our arrows were all gone, our spears broken off in the bodies of dead enemies. We had only our hands and knives with which to fight, but all who stood around us were dead… Still covered with the blood of my enemies, still holding my conquered weapon, still hot with the joy of battle, victory, and vengeance, I was surrounded by the Apache braves and made war chief of all Apaches. Then I gave orders for scalping the slain."
Is that not one of the Badassedest (Cool, I think I just made a word up!) quote of all-time!  That quote right there is enough to get him on my Badass list.

The High Five is Being Overused -- Cut Back People!

The high five is a celebratory hand gesture that occurs when two people simultaneously raise one hand, about head high, and push, slide or slap the flat of their palm against the palm of their partner.
It has come to my attention that high fives are used in an excessive and indiscriminate manner. Think of all the uses of the High Fife nowadays:
-Bad joke: high five.
-Well-timed “that’s what she said”: high five.
-Committing a massive FAIL: high five. 
-Eating a slice of pizza: high five
-Simply entering a room: high five.

Everyone wants a high five these days.  I am putting my foot down.  I am cutting back on my high five giving.  I don't care if I get a disapproving look when I refuse to high five over opening a can of soda successfully, I am just not gonna due it.  I am saving my high fives for truly worthy moments such as scoring a goal in soccer, telling a hilarious joke or finding a new job.  I really feel as though I have been in High Five Limbo lately.  I’ve been giving half-hearted high fives because I did not really want to have to explain why I didn't want to give the high five to begin with.  Then a debate would start and sometimes it would get ugly. But no more! I have decided to raise the bar for high fives!  I want to make the high five meaningful once again!
Maybe I’m being a little over the top but I think years of unsatisfying or downright unsuccessful high fiving has scarred me. Do you know how many times people have pulled the “too slow” move on me? Just witnessing an attempted high five that is left hanging makes me want to yell and tell the people they are doing it all wrong!   Then I started noticing that many people (myself included) were dishing out unenthusiastic high fives where you feel like you're slapping a dead fish. That was really the time that it hit me.  Enough with the overuse of the high five.  Soon, the high five will not mean anything anymore.  We must stop the death of the high five! 

So from now on, I will still be greeting you, giving you a smile or a nod or perhaps a wave.  Maybe even a bro-hug if it is deserving and not too awkward, but I am not going to be high fiving people unless it is for a truly deserving and monumentous reason.   

With that said, I still reserve the right to use the fist bump at will.  But that's another blog post!

The P-P-P-P Platypus Song

WARNING!  This may become addicting.

Free Advice Fridays -- Saving $$$$$

The economy still sucks and school districts and government offices are scrambling for ways to save money.  Look no further!!!!  Your savior is here. 

Welcome to a Thrifty edition of Free Advice Fridays!!!!

1.  Get a bunch of pine needles and substitute them for air freshners
2.  Take extra napkins from restaurants and use them in your schools or offices for Kleenax and toilet paper.
3.  Naptime in Middle School and High School;  mandatory nap breaks to refresh the mind in offices -- This would save on electricity since the lights can be turned off.
4.  Whenever someone needs to call long-distance, call during lunch hours or after work hours and leave a message.  They will have to call you back on their dime. 
5.  Have your boss take a 10% pay cut -- Funny for everyone but him or her.
6.  Set the thermostat at 50 degrees.  You can say it is a new fitness routine mandated by the insurance company to keep people in shape.  Shivering works muscles and burns calories!!!
7.  Cuss Jar -- Everyone pays a quarter when they say a swear word (Most schools would make about $50 a day from the students alone)
8.  If you can't do suggestion #2, then use paper from the recycle bins for toilet paper.
9.  Since most of us are a little pudgy anyway, no food at meetings or in the break room, no employee barbecues, and no school lunches.  Pass out rice cakes and bread if you must feed people.  And water only!!
10.  Business and schools can buy a bunch of goats.  They will pay for themselves in a short time.  They will provide milk, mow the grass and eat cardboard.  This will save a ton of $$ on labor and gas for mowers, milk and garbage costs. 
11.  One for schools -- No substitute teachers.  We can use this opportunity as a "career day" for our upper class students or college students (if you have a college or university nearby) and have the students substitute for free.  Saves money and helps students decide if they want to teach or not, thus saving money for their parents if they go to a teacher's college, teach two years and then decide they don't like and want to go back to school and study engineering or something. 

This is just a starter list.  Feel free to add your ideas.

Don't Sneak Up Behind Me!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Warrior Girls Have a 2013 Calendar!

Remember when the Warrior Girls Danced Gangnam Style?  If you don't, the video is here.  It is definitely worth a look.

The Warrior Girls are the Cheerleaders for the Golden State Warriors NBA Basketball Team.  They are pretty Damn Hot!  And they also have a 2013 Calendar!  We are presenting previews of various 2013 calendars and this one definitely caught our eye.  Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the 2012-13 Warriors Girls swimsuit calendar photo shoot.


Facts About Sex Toys

Nothing like a great infographic about Sex Toys!

Sexy Girl on Girl Lap Dance

That is some good choreography!  Never Seen a Sexier (clothed) Girl on Girl Lap Dance.
One Request ladies, Next time take off the clothes!!!

How Russians Drink Absinthe

So I was drunk over the summer (imagine that, right?) and my buddy had a couple of friends visiting from Russia (he had worked and lived in Moscow for a year and a half.)  We got to talking about vodka, beer, and all things liquor.  One guy kept insisting that Absinthe is almost as popular as Vodka in Russia.  Absinthe is that green stuff that makes you hallucinate and go crazy.  It is illegal here in the United States.

Lo and behold, Ilya (one of the Russians) has been reading our blog and remembered that I was curious about Absinthe so he sent me this YouTube video entitled "How Russians Drink Absinthe".  This fits in perfectly with Free Advice Fridays!

DAMN!  I need to go to Russia. They know how to party over there!

I Want to Punch The Driver of the White Car

Seriously, what was this driver thinking? This happened this afternoon in a parking lot near downtown Phoenix (I am there on business.)   As you can see, some Asshole who was driving a white car decided to park extremely close to my rental car.  I had to crawl in the passenger side of the car to get to the driver's side.

What really pisses me off is that there was plenty of room in the space next to the white car on the other side.  The dude had a good three and a half feet between him and the other car.  What an Asshole!  I would have left a note if I had any paper.  I did inadvertently scratch the rear right side of the car as I was backing out.  That's his fault for parking to close to me.

Blue Denim Jean Open-Toe Mid-Calf Sandals

These are “Blue Denim Jean Open Toe Mid-Calf Sandals."  I have made a vow never to date a girl who wears these!

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