Monday, June 10, 2013

Cherries and Bananas - Why Us Men Watch Porn

Guys - We know all about Porn on the internet.  It is no secret. Over 15% of all the internet websites are porn sites.  More than 70% of men between the age of 18-24 visit porn sites on a weekly basis.  About half of all Men in their 30's and 40's visit porn sites at least monthly. Guys, we are dirty minded humans who are doing a lot of looking and Masturbating!

And it is almost impossible to avoid.  There are unsolicited porn Pop-ups, google searches regularly and accidentally throw porn sites in with our innocent searches.

So why do men surf the web for porn?  What are their reasons?  As I guy who occasionally clicks on a few porn websites every-now-and-then, I can at least give my view on the subject.  Here is my list of Why Men Use Porn:

1.  We are men!  We love Sex.  If we could, we would be having sex almost 24 hours a day.  We enjoy sex and all things sexual.  We also enjoy visual stimulation.  Since we cannot have sex 24 hours a day, porn is a way to at least visually experience sex up to 24 hours a day.  

2. We have urges.  As married men, we cannot act out on them since it is not socially acceptable and could destroy our families.  But Porn is not really cheating.  It is the next best thing.  We can watch porn, fantasize and argue that "AT least we aren't cheating!"  Some women don't buy that argument and it has lead to arguments and divorces, but you still can't deny that it isn't physically cheating on someone by watching porn.

3. Some of us have certain kinky, disgusting fantasies that our significant others would never dream of partaking in.   You know the saying "Variety is the spice of life" and porn delivers this variety.  There is some type of porn for just about every taste out there.  .

4. Sometimes, we have so much stress in our everyday life that we just need to relax and have a release.  When we don't have our wives, girlfriends, etc around, porn can be that release.

5. Sometimes the sex in a relationship becomes repetitive and boring.  Guys turn to porn to get ideas and get excited.  Spice things up a little.  They see something and try to use it in their own sexual encounters.  If that doesn't work, they can fantasize.

6.  Instant Gratification - In a world when things can take months, years, etc. to reach the end game, porn delivers in a matter of minutes.  Instead of going to a club and trying to pick up a chick, just download a porn video, close your eyes, get some lube and you are getting some instant gratification.  

7. Lonely?  Socially awkward?  Porn doesn't need any two way interaction.  No rejection, no awkward talk.

Those are a few of the reasons why I, a guy, think us guys watch porn.  How about switching perspective and asking a lady what she thinks drives us guys to watching porn.  Lanthie, care to chime in here?

Matt, I actually have no issue with watching porn and I have a draw full of selected DVD’s myself. I was first introduced to porn at the ripe age of 17 when I was made the Front of House Manager to a theatre that showed porn before and after shows. The films were soft porn and were a gentle introduction for me I suppose and probably goes a long way to explaining my current mindset.

I remember when I first opened the door on my first son watching porn on his PC when he was about 12. I had quite a reaction to it as a mother. Another 3 sons later and I openly accept it. It is part of what makes a man tick.

I read your replies above and thought I’d do some research and ask a few guys and girls the same question – Why do men watch porn? I went for drinks last night with a few colleagues and thought this was the ideal opportunity. We were sitting in a bar called (now don’t laugh – it’s true!) “The Throbbing Strawberry”.

So we were all joking about and I mentioned I needed their take on a question for my blog. Now this usually gets everyone running in the opposite direction, but after a few drinks, they were all keen to chip in. Not sure I got a serious answer out of any of them but thought I would list the replies. Unfortunately the replies were all from the men and the women declined to answer.

Replies as follows:
· Boobs
· To see how to make her scream
· To see how we measure up
· Boobs
· Once you've pushed through the barbed wire it's all the same
· To test your bandwidth (can you see goosebumps when you pause)
· Boobs
· We always wanted to know what a BJ feels like
· To see how to use a riding crop

How to do reverse cowgirl without injuring yourself

The conversation pretty much went downhill from there and is too dirty for even this site. So I suppose that leaves my take on it.

I think men watch porn for the fantasy of it. Looking at porn is a not a big deal as far as I am concerned. Both men and women are visually stimulated. It is the same reason that women like to read romance novels. 50 Shades of Grey ring any bells? Women read romance novels that can be very graphic and it takes us to a fantasy world where we are the stars.

At the end of the day, men have an itch to scratch and porn does exactly this. So scratch away – it’s good for you!

There you have it - The Cherries and The Bananas Take. So what do you think? Why do so many men use pornography these days?


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  1. We all watch it. Admit it people. It's a turn on.

    1. I would agree. I call bullshit on anyone that says they have never, ever watched porn. If you don't, you are missing out on some wild shit!


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