Monday, June 10, 2013

New Segment - Why The Hell Not?

Starting up a new series of posts entitled "Why the Hell Not?"  The premise of these posts will be random weird things that I am going to put up that really doesn't fall into any category other than being a little weird.  It is kinda like when you want someone to watch a stupid video of say...oh I don't know...maybe a pet anteater drinking red wine.  Then you ask me "Why would I want to see that?" 

I respond "Why the Hell Not?"  It's wierd and kinda funny.  You get it, right?

So here is our first installment of "Why the Hell Not?"  It is a video of a pet anteater drinnking red wine from a glass.  :)

I have a couple of questions on this one:
1.  Why the Hell would you want to have an anteater as a pet?  They aren't that cute and they don't seem to be too cuddly.  And those claws would scratch your hardwood floors, not to mention your face.
2.  Why would you want to get an anteater drunk? 

I think this lady has some issues.  I'm just saying...


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  2. Will do Maria. Thanks for visiting and check back often!


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