Thursday, June 13, 2013

NYC Has an Etiquette Police Force? - Phil, Help Us Out Here

 Someone sent me this pic.  They said they were visiting NYC last week and saw this sign.  Not sure if this is legit, although it looks like it wasn't photo shopped.  I might have to look up this "Metropolitan Etiquette Authority" Group and see what is up.  If it is legit, I like it although I don't know how much good this will do. We have a reader from NYC- Phil Holtberg- who writes a sensational blog called "The Regular Guy NYC" (check it out).  Maybe he could tell us if he has ever seen this sign in NYC.  Also, are sagging pants still a major problem there?


  1. First of all - thanks for the shout out! I am honored.

    Second of all - yes, these idiots are still wearing their pants like this and I see it almost every day.

    Third - now I must hunt down that sign!

    1. No problem.

      They were their pants like that in Iowa too.

      If you find it, let us know where it is and send another pic!


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