Saturday, June 15, 2013

Prostitute Goes Wacky With X

This news update comes from Florida. It is about Sex, Prostitutes, Biting and a possible Zombie or Vampire! It has it all! It seemed as though a Florida man thought he was going to have a lovely evening with his escort/prostitute friend. His evening plans included dinner, drinks, ecstasy pills, and sex toys...the usual for a Florida romp with an escort. Then, this happened...
Deputies were called to the Crestwood Suites on University Boulevard after multiple 911 callers “reported screaming and growling sounds from a room on the second floor” of the hotel.
29-year-old Priscilla Vaughn (Pictured above), apparently doesn’t handle ecstasy too well – because she went from sucking his willy to wanting to bite it off in a matter of minutes.
The man had “significant” bites to his penis and testicles, the report states, as well as damage to his leg, abdomen, chest and fingers. His alleged attacker, Priscilla Vaughn, “was nude, and had blood around her mouth, which had spread to her face and head,” the report states, adding Vaughn “growled and snarled” at deputies.
The man also hadn’t expected his hooker friend to all of a sudden become superwoman with super human strength.
During consensual sex, the escort “became more aggressive, and she began to bite his genitals. He described it as if she were trying to eat his penis and testicles,” the report says. The victim tried to get away, the report states, but Vaughn “was too powerful and he could not get her off of him.” She also took his cell phone away when he tried to call for help, the report says.

Priscilla also tried to devoour a dildo like it was my dog's chew toy.

So if you want a really, really wild experience guys, you know where to go and who to call.  Just don't forget to bring along some "X"

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