Monday, June 10, 2013

This Guy Wants His Wife to Be Seen

OK, you know how we ask readers to send us their pics.  Guys or girls, any pose, etc.  Well, a reader named Jake sent me a zip file containing a whole bunch of pics of his wife.  He says they both love seeing her all over the internet and they are both readers of the blog.  Apparently, she has posted on tumblr, reddit and several adult sites.  Before I posted, I had to make sure it was really his wife.  He sent me a nasty pic of he and her in a rather compromising position (One which I will not post on this "R" rated blog).  His wife's name is Lynn.  He also sent us some very NSFW pics which can be viewed here if you like what you see below (You Have Been Warned!)

Jake, Here you go:


  1. Sex life must be great for this couple, as she likes role-playing a lot!

    1. I would love to find out. I could be an observer!


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