Monday, September 2, 2013

College - I Was an Idiot Sometimes

Its early morning and just like any other school day you take a shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast and watch the morning sports headlines on ESPN’s Sportscenter while you are getting dressed. Another fun filled day of Boring classes awaits you as you leave your house in complete misery (and many times that misery is accompanied by a hangover.) By this time the thought of not going and just staying home has crossed your mind at least five times, but you decide to push on and somehow manage to get to a class that you have absolutely no desire in learning anything about (Damn Pre-requisites and required courses.) While driving your shitty car on the way to the campus, you think to yourself of how much it’s going to suck to drive around and try to find a parking space.  Then you have to walk 10 more minutes across the campus to the class. You pray you can make it and not walk in late, like you have already done 8 times this semester.  

You finally arrive in the parking lot and start circling the lot like a vulture circling a dog that is about to die.  WHOA!  In the distance, you see someone getting into their car way up in the front row of the parking log.  You gun your car and race over there, trying to beat anyone else who might have spotted this rare occurrence.  HOORAY!  You made it!  You are in the front row for only the second time in your three years at the university.  You think to yourself “Maybe this day is going to be pretty good!” 

You start your 10-minute trek to class and you bump into the incredibly hot girl you liked in your Chemistry class last semester.  She recognizes you and says Hi.  You talk for a minute then tell her you hope to see her again soon as you have to get to class.  You exchange numbers.  Now you have an extra spring in your step and you get to class just as the professor is heading in to start the lecture.  You have a BIG SMILE on your face! This might be the best day of the semester…Hell it might be the best day of your entire College Career.
You settle in the seat and get your things out.  As you look around the room you notice that everyone is hurried writing and flipping through books, stapling papers, etc.  You ask the guy next to you what is going on with all the activity.  He tells you everyone is putting their final touches on the term paper assigned last month that is due today and worth 40% of your final grade! 

OH SHIT!!  The day takes an immediate nose dive as you remember that a month ago, you missed a few classes in a row because you went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras… 

Yes, this actually happened to me!  I think that must have been the worst feeling I ever had in college.  I had totally forgotten about it because I skipped a few classes.  I had also lost the syllabus and this was before everything was posted online.  OOOPS!  I talked to the professor and made up a story about family matters and having to go home to visit the family for a few days.  He let me turn in the paper late, but for half credit.  I ended up getting an 48 on it when it should have been a 96%.  I ended the class with a C+, because of that paper.  I got an A on the two other tests and an A+ on the final.  I was such a Damn Idiot!!!  

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