Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cougars, MILFS and GILFS

Every middle aged women (Not that I'm admitting to being middle aged of course) dreams of being found attractive or desirable by men much younger than she is. That is of course if I go by my own fantasies.

Nothing would make me feel more attractive or wanted than a younger man wanting me sexually. And of course the thought of having sex with a younger guy with a hot body, all ripped and muscular is just, well - what more could I possibly want! (Boy it's getting hot in here).

I caught an article online the other day on a news site about a local bar which has become quite popular for picking up older women (aka cougars). A cougar being defined as a woman who is typically between the age of 30-40 and is having or looking for sexual relations with a man at least 8 year her junior.

Apparently it is the in thing for young men to pick up older women (or is it older women who pick up
younger men....).  And let's not mention the term's MILF or GILF that have become very popular just recently.

Anyway, younger men are preferring to link up with older women as they are far more mature and obviously far more experienced in the bedroom department. The other advantage to this is that apparently the usual "courtship" routine is not necessary. Cougars are happy to buy their own drink and you don't need to wait for the obligatory 3rd date to get a home run. Both are ultimately after the same thing - a little bit of fun!

I thought I would draw a comparison between a cougar and an older man picking up a much younger female companion. Not sure what the correct term is for this. I looked it up and I found that the term Manther or Rhino is used to describe a man who picks up a woman more than 8 years his junior. I've never actually heard of this term being used but hey, I don't get out much!

Men who are seen or associated with much younger women always seem to get the good old nudge nudge wink wink from their mates. I'm not sure cougars get the same sort if reaction from their peers - even though they are quietly fantasizing about it themselves.

But all things being equal here, 8 years difference is not that big an age gap.  What about men dating or marrying women literally half their age or vice versa.  At what point do you look at the situation and think Eew!  If I look at a man twenty+ years older than me, he looks absolutely decrepit (no offence meant of course).  Surely a guy looking at a woman twenty+ years older than him must have the same view.  I suppose there is a lot to be said for the term "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

Let us know what you think.

Lanthie Ransom

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  1. Won't delude myself if the age gap is more than 20 years. Surely this coming together is not due to pure love. Probably more to do with partners for benefits.


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