Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our Readers - Jasmine Offers Up a Handbra

Jasmine sent us these un-solicited pics this week.  She is 19 years old and lives in Michigan.  She didn't say much else other than she likes the blog.

This is Jasmine in a bra:

This is Jamine sporting a Handbra:

Jasmine has promised us more soon.  I hope she follows through. Thanks for these Jasmine!

Readers, keep those pics coming. We don't care if they are normal pics, handbra pics, guys, girls, whatever. They don't have to be dirty or even sexy!  We just want to get to know our readers.  

Miranda Kerr Models "Bridal Lingerie"

I Have never heard of Bridal Lingerie. Then I saw Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr Modeling it and my reaction was "Where the Hell was this when I got Married!!!"

Jessica Alba Looking Great for Women's Health

Jessica Alba is looking great in a Wife Beater T and Jeans on the cover of Women's Health.  Now I have never read Women's Health, mostly because I am a Guy, and I didn't read this one either.  Here is the article if any of you ladies would like to read it.  I did a quick glance over just to see if she was talking about sex.  I did pull up this quote from her:  “My most favorite thing in the world to do is, I love to take a bath, and maybe there could be a glass of wine involved. Maybe, that would be nice. With lots of Epsom salts because my bones get achy.”

Jessica, I am there for you. Baths and Wine are a wonderful combination.  I would love to share this moment with you.  I would even give you a massage to help soothe your achy bones!

I also found a nice behind the scenes video.  Enjoy!

Louis C.K. Wants to Know "Why Don't Humans Murder More Often?"

Louis C.K. asks, Why don't humans murder more often?"

He kind of has a point, or does he?

Hottie of the Day - Hollie Winnard

Let’s meet Hollie. She is a 27 year old Hottie from California who appeared on the reality TV Show "Beauty and the Geek."  She’s 5’4, weighs 100 lbs, and has a C cup. And she is looking Good!  Enjoy our Hottie of the Day and FAP away...

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Renting a Hooker

Not sure if she is annoyed at the guy taking the picture or the guy with the shirt!

Dating Videos From the 80's

Hilarious!  Thank God We Have Moved on!  The hair, the cheesiness, WOW!

Our Favorite Songs - Cage the Elephant "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked"

Great Song!  I listened to this non-stop when it came out.  Saw the band live about 8 months ago.  They put on a great show.  Check them out if you get the chance!

Toddler Trick Shots

WOW!  This kid is the next Michael Jordan!

Barack Obama Shooting Skeet

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hottie of the Day #2 - Nikki Sims

She is also known by the name "Next Door Nikki"   If you want to see some NSFW Pics, All you have to do is click here!  

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24 Seconds of Bar Refeali

Bar Refeali has a quick, but exciting, 24 second video out for her Sprin /Summer 2013 Passionata photo shoot.  This Might be the Hottest 24 seconds I have seen in a long time!

Free Advice Friday - How to Tie a Bow Tie

The Sexy Ashley teaches us "How to Tie a Bow Tie".   (Via the Beauties at

Hottie of the Day - Charley Atwell

This is Charley and she is our Hottie of the Day!  This beauty who has a perfect body is 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 126 lbs, and sports a sexy GG cup. Yes, you read that right.  She is a double G!
Follow her @CharleyAtwell

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Snake Prank on Miami Beach

Master Prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy joined up with 'Roman Atwood Pranks' for the Fake Snake Prank - Miami Beach.  If you ever wondered what Bikini-Clad Hotties would do if a snake infiltrated a beach, now you know!

A Rant About Hair

A Friend (Female Friend) just posted a story on her facebook page.  It is basically about how a little girl cut all of her hair off and her mother bought her extensions. No Big Deal, Right?  According to her, the mother was only wanting her to look “normal”.

I, FOR ONE, HAVE A BIG PROBLEM WITH THIS!  Ready for a Rant?  Cuz Here it Comes!

1. This little girl is going to grow up expecting that all of her problems can be fixed with a simple solution.

2. Her hair is going to be damaged.  I don't know much about hair, but my friend (Who is a Hair Dresser) told me that extensions are either glued or clipped in. They both cause breakage and with a little girl's fine hair, it’ll damage it even more.  She will have a life full of unhealthy hair, split ends and her hair could start falling out at an early age.   

3. She will grow up thinking her worth is measured by the way she looks. Her hair nor how she looks does not define her. She is now going to think that not having any hair or short hair is going to be ugly and her mom has just reinforced how important looks are (I know, I know - This is coming from a blog that posts pics of hotties all the time, but looks are not everything.  We know this.  Trust us)

4. Her mother needs to teach her to hold her head high and be proud of herself, regardless of the way she looks. She needs to be taught that it’s what is on the inside that counts.

As a father, I would be concerned and upset if my 4 year old daughter tried to caught her hair off.  Kids don’t know what is right and wrong at that age, other than what their parents and what society has taught them.  I don't know if I would go so far as to buy extensions though. I would have talked to her and let her know it was wrong, but there are many beautiful girls with long, short and no hair.  Depending on how much was cut offf, I would try to get it shaped up and give her a new, short hair style.  If it was cut too short, then have her wear some fancy fashion hats.

She needs to know she is beautiful with or without hair.

The Periodic Table of Booze

Click here for a larger Pic

The Mandog!!!

This is the Mandog!!!  Only a real man can eat one of these.  And if you do, enjoy it because the cholesterol and fat you are putting in your system will probably knock a year or two off of your life.  But it is good!!!!

The Mandog is hamburger, ground veal, sausage, egg, breadcrumbs, random spices all mixed together rolled around a 1/4 lb hotdog, bacon, sauerkraut, 3 types of cheese, and banana peppers. Topped with ketchup, mustard, more peppers, and chili all on a hoagie roll.
Stop looking at it and go make one!

Cool Pic from Teotihuacan, Mexico

Love this picture taken from Teotihuacan near Mexico City.  It is of an annual balloon festival they have every year.  

Free Advice Friday - Traveling with your Significant Other

Celebrating Valentine’s Day while traveling with your significant other reminds us how important it is to treat each other as loved ones and not just traveling buddies.  It’s not easy spending every living moment with each other and still remembering to be romantic occasionally.  Traveling as a couple will test the strength of your relationship, something I suggest doing before you venture out on a 3 or more month journey.

Having a significant other, or spouse and living at home can be a challenge in itself, but that doesn’t even begin to compare to traveling with someone.  For those that have not done long-term travel, it may seem like an extended vacation, but it’s not.  It’s a new lifestyle, that still requires some planning, effort and patience.  Articles often tout the many benefits of traveling solo, and there is good reason to do so.  You can go where you want, when you want, how you want.  Basically, the same benefits of being single.  However, you can’t easily share those experiences.  Photos can’t even begin to capture what we see with the naked eye, the goosebumps felt on our arms or the sound of wind or animals surrounding us.  I always think of the movie “Into the Wild” when I imagine traveling alone.  Everyone has their own preferences, but I confidently know, mine is to travel with Aracely.

1. Don’t Test a Relationship On the Road

This is not the place to test your compatibility. Be confident of your relationship, before planning your long-term travels with them.

2. Discuss Travel Preferences

If one of you enjoys traveling in local buses and broken down roads in order to have a local experience, make sure the other does too.  Are you an adventurer seeking high peak climbs or would you prefer to relax on a beach.  Can you tolerate a communal dorm room, or you do prefer your privacy?  Are you willing to experiment with food?  This is probably one of the most important topics to spend time discussing.  You may not have the same desires, but you have to come to a compromise before departing from home.

3. Budget & Spending Behaviors

Agree on what you each intend to spend and stick to it!  Even in your stable lives in suburbia, one of the top reasons for divorce is financial disagreements.  Understand how your desire to see certain places or do specific activities will impact your budget.  I like to spend money on beer, Aracely would rather enjoy a nice meal, but we both are okay with it.

4. Inviting Friends & Family

Often when traveling long-term a friend offers to join you, or maybe even a Mother-in-Law!  Expect to receive a few self-invites and know whether or not you have agreed to have company.  Granted, a Mother-in-Law may not have been discussed.  When traveling with friends or family the travel decisions, sleeping arrangements and transportation arrangements all become more difficult.

5. Dedicated Together Time

Your probably wondering, “Don’t we have together time all the time?”  My answer is, “Not the kind of together time I am referring to.”  Much of our time is spent planning, eating, traveling and unfortunately waking up early.  I know, I didn’t think I would have to wake up early either, but most buses and adventure activities start early in the morning.  As travel bloggers and on-line consultants, whenever we get free time, we do work.  In order to stay lovers and not just travel buddies, dedicate some personal time with each other, just as you might do at home.

As I mentioned in the opening of this article, it’s important to know when to be a travel buddy and when to be a lover.  It’s easy to forget the second role, always getting caught up in the busy planning and traveling chores.  It shouldn’t just be Valentine’s Day when we decide to enjoy a nice dinner and hit the sack early, but Valentine’s Day can be a reminder to do that.  It’s not only more difficult because we are often busy, but it’s a challenge because we are together constantly.  There isn’t much escaping for some personal time, especially in our case.  As we travel in Latin America, I am entirely dependent on Aracely’s Spanish speaking skills.  The only escape I can do is walk around the block.
You will be together constantly with your significant other while traveling, but not the kind of together that brought you together.
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