Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hottie of the Day #2 - Tatted Up Redhead

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Our Favorite Songs - Alice Cooper "Poison"

One of our favorite songs and videos!  The song rocks and the video features several very hot women who dance around with no tops.  What is there not to like about this video!

It's Raining Spiders in Brazil!

This is it, the end is officially here!  Isn't this like one of the deadly plagues or something?

Hottie of the Day - Agáta Hanychová

Agáta Hanychová is a Czech Hottie who does a great deal of Sexy Modeling.  I am really thinking I need to plan a trip to Eastern Europe Soon!

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What Happens When a Red Hot Ball of Nickel Is Dropped on a Block of Ice

It's pretty cool!

The Brazilian Ghost Elevator Prank

You have probably already seen this since it has made the internet rounds awhile back, but I am going to post it anyway.  It is the now infamous "Scary Elevator Prank" from the beautiful country of Brazil.

Dog Steals Cabbage

I Never Knew Dogs Loved Leafy Greens so Much!

Clever Way to Announce You Are Pregnant

Wish I would have thought of that!
Love the sonogram as the background.

Kat Von D - Interesting Footwear

The Paparazzi found Kat Von D out filling up her Bentley in L.A. Kat has always been a fantasy for me.  I love girls with Tattoos and she has a ton of them.  She has a great body and isn't that bad looking in the face either.  And she looks like she would be kinky as hell in the bedroom!  Just look at those shoes - They Scream KINKY!!!

The Florida Marlins Have Plenty of Season Tickets

Season Tickets for the Florida Marlins went on sale and this was what it looked like:

Even a 5 year-old could count the number of people waiting in line for the box office to open. 4, FOUR, CUATRO!!!  I have to say, if I went to Miami or lived in the area, I would rather be spending the day on the Beach or on the Ocean than going to see a Shitty Ballclub playing baseball.  Looks like the Marlins are gonna have to get inventive with promotions in order to sell some tickets.  

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Sexy Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake - "Girls Gone Wild" Style!

I Figured Out A Way to Get Around Sexual Harrassment

When You See It...

You may have to look for a second to find it, but when you see it...

Hottie of the Day - Alice Eve

Alice Eve is a British Hottie/actress who is known for her roles in films such as She's Out of My League, Sex and the City 2, and Men in Black 3. She is also starring in the upcoming Sci-Fi movie, Star Trek Into Darkness.

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Free Advice Fridays - How to Delete Yourself From the Internet

Want to erase any trace of you from the internet?  Maybe you have an ex-girlfriend who is stalking you or maybe you owe a ton of $$$ to your bookie. Whatever the reason, an article in USA Today explains how you can delete yourself from the internet. Click and read and if you decide to do it, let me know how it works (anonymously of course.)

I am planning on doing something crazy later this year so I may need to do this if it fails.  Stay tuned...

The SI Models Read David Letterman's Top 10

Emily DiDonato, Nina Agdal, Ariel Meredith, Chrissy Teigen, Hannah Davis, Alyssa Miller, Julie Henderson, Genevieve Morton, Katherine Webb and Kate Upton read a Top 10 for David Letterman this week. It wasn't really funny, but who really cares! I will take Eye Candy over humor on most days!

A Baby Walks for the First Time (There is also a Dog and Poop involved)

Wait for it, Wait for it...It is worth it.  We all know that dogs always seem to one up your baby when you make a baby video.  It is a given in life...

Manti Te'o Mardi Gras Costume

One of the Best Mardi Gras Costumes I saw.

Cats Love Dominoes

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thong Thursdays - It's in Black and White

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My Perfect Valentine's Night

How far would you go to get laid on Valentine's Day?  (Via MadAtoms)

A Very Cool Marriage Proposal

It is Valentine's Day, so why don't we get a little Romantic?

Kohl's is a Little Confused

Our Readers - Xitlaly from Monterrey, Mexico

Thanks Xitlaly for sending us a pic of yourself.  You are gorgeous.  I actually know her from when I lived in Monterrey and I talked her into sending a pic.  Now If I can just get her to send some more pics with fewer clothes on...

The Best Winter "Wins"

The Best WINS of this winter (so far).  Enjoy the video

Facebook Likes

I am Glad Someone Gets It!  I am getting sick of all the people "Begging" for likes on Facebook!  Give it a rest people.

Sunny D - Penis Logo?

I bought some Sunny D yesterday and was drinking it today when I noticed the logo.  Is it just me or does the logo kind of look like a Penis?  Maybe it is just my sick and demented mind, but when I mentioned it to a couple of friends who stopped by later in the day, they agreed with me.  What do you think?

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Myself and the World's Ugliest Dog wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

Happy Valentine's Day...

...From the Beautiful Micaela Schaefer!  I Want Her to be My Valentine!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Very Clever Ikea...

Nice View

Loona Would be a Great Valentine!

Please Loona, Be Our Valentine!!!

Catholicism on the Go

Saw This while going to a business meeting in Downtown Austin, Texas today. I goes Catholicism is trying "On the Go" Services!

True Story

Miss Pole Dance UK Sarah Scott is Strong and Sexy

More than likely, Miss Pole Dance UK Professional Champion Sarah Scott is stronger than you. And there is a strong possibility that she may be sexier than you too. What a woman!

Cute Flight Attendant Fired For Using Her Finger

That Cutie on the right is Tatiana Kozlenko.  Tatiana is was a flight attendent for Aeroflot Airlines in Russia.  She is now without a job.  Tatiana decided to give the passengers on her plane the finger and then she posted it to Facebook.   Tatiana claims thats not her finger. It doesn't look like anyone noticed it as she was at the back of the plane and everyone had their backs to her, so what is the big deal?  We like that kind of Bravado here at the blog.  Her attitude combined with her cuteness means that she has a job waiting for here at the offices of "Ramblings of a Semi-Madman."  Tatiana, send us an email so we can start getting to work on your VISA.  Can't wait to see you!

Formby in Da Club

This is a pretty sweet Banjolele cover of 50 Cent's "In Da Club."

10 Most Terrifying Bosses of TV and Film

Here is another post that was shared to me by one of my readers.  A Big Thank You to Rose King, of the website, who sent me this link to one of their posts about “The 10 Most Terrifying Bosses of TV and Film  

Great Post!  You have to read who they think are the top 10, I am not going to tell ya.  That would be cheating.  I do agree with all but Michael Scott of “The Office”   He just seems to be to stupid to be scary. 

Check out their wonderful blog 

Time Lapse Video of Blizzard Nemo in Boston

Pretty Cool Video!

Death to Pennies

Great video explaining why we should get rid of the Penny.  It really is not needed anymore. They actually cost more to make than they are worth. And I hate having so many pennies in my pocket. I start everyday with no pennies and it seems like I always come home with 9 or 10!  DEATH TO THE PENNY!

Athletes + Trophies + Beer = Disaster

HC Davos beat the Kloten Flyers 4-2 to take the Swiss Hockey Championship (I think this was a year or two ago.) They skated around the ice with the trophy and then took it into the locker room.  That is where the fun began. 

The team drank some Swiss beer, used the glass trophy as a waste basket, then some young gun lifted it up.  And then he dropped it!  The dude looked pretty proud of himself.  

I guess they can dry all the beer off of it and get some super glue.

Great Post about History

A teacher sent me a link to the 15 Best TED Talks for History Buffs.  You can find it over at 

TED Talks come from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design).  TED is a U.S private nonprofit foundation best known for its conferences, now held in Europe and Asia as well as the U.S., devoted to what it calls "ideas worth spreading".

If you like history, check some of these  links out!

It's Gonna Be a "Slow & Slutty" Valentine's Day

KREM CBS weather girl Danielle Grant predicted a "Slow & Slutty" Valentine's Day warming trend for the Spokane, Washington area.  That sounds like the Way I Like It!!!

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