Saturday, March 2, 2013

More Texas Babes on Texas Independence Day

Here is our last Texas Independence Day post.  Thought we could end the day with some more babes from Texas.  I had posted this on my old blog a couple of years ago.  You can click the thumbnail to see the girls' names and some more pics.  Since it is a couple years old, some of the links may be out of service.  Enjoy!!!


This Never Happens At The Bars I Go To!

Chicks taking their tops off at a bar and partying and making out -This does not happen in Des Moines, Iowa!!! Come on Iowa Ladies, Where is your adventurous side?

More pics below...

Via Real Girls Gone Bad (Site is Definitely NSFW)
Katie Sunshine grabbed her hula hoop, put on the tightest pants she owned and danced in the snow.

My Wild Night With X-Rated Candy

Met a chick last night at a club and we went back to her place.  Fun night.  I won't get into many details but as we were starting to get "Hot and Heavy" she said she wanted to use something that someone got her for Valentine's Day.  I was thinking a vibrator or dildo or some other Sex Toy.  She comes back with Candy.  X-Rated Candy (Found the pics below on the internet but it was the same thing).  I was actually fun.  We would randomly draw pieces of candy.  We had Doggy Style, Eat My Pussy, Blow Me, 69 and Cum on Me along with some other ones that were just sayings.  This girl was wild!

She also broke out vibrating nipple clips which she used on herself and on me.  Kind of a weird, yet arousing feeling for me.  She loved them!  Pic below

Unfortunately, I probably won't be seeing her anytime soon as she informed me after our night together that she is moving to Georgia next weekend.  Now the all the boxes in her place made sense.  Hopefully I can hook up with her once or twice before she moves!

--Enrique Santos

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