Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Butt-tacular Dance!

kizomba from Nicola Meninno on Vimeo.

Hottie of the Day #2- Laura Dore (Austin, Texas Hottie)

Laura Dore is Hottie model who was born and raised in Austin, Texas! She still calls Austin Home. I hope I run into her on 6th Street some day.

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Nice Texas Instruments Ad!

Hottie of the Day - Indian Babe Minnie Gupta

Minnie Gupta is an incredibly Sexy Indian Model.  She is engaged to 80's Rocker Sebastian Bach (How the hell did he get her?)

She has been in a couple of his music videos and has also been seen on CSI and other TV shows. I am hoping we are going to see alot of this beauty in the coming years!

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Quiz Question for You

The Photo Above is:

A.  A CPR Demonstration for lifeguards that has gone horribly wrong
B.  Two women in South Padre Island engaging in normal Spring Break behavior
C.  The picture that pops into most guys' heads at least 12 times a day.
D.  A "Dry" run of two women practicing their Synchronized Swimming Moves before getting into the pool.

My vote is C!  What is yours?

Hooters Ballgirls Don't Know How to Avoid a Baseball

These Hooters ballgirls that the Philadelphia Phillies use during their spring training games are not all that baseball savvy.  This one has no idea how to avoid a pop-up and the New York Yankees.

Click to play.

Photoshop Fail!

In an attempt to draw attention away from her boobs and make her eyes more attractive, this beauty decided to photoshop her eyes so they would be bluer.  Notice anything wrong with her photoshop job?

If you said "Pupils" you are correct.  She photoshopped her eyes and left the pupils out!  Either that or she is some kind of Hot Pupiless Freak of Nature.  

Understanding Westboro Baptist Church

Hilary Sargent (the Chartgirl), is one of the premier chartmakers I have seen.  Here, she has come up with a great one as she tries to illustrate the wacky world of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church.

70-Yd. Goal!

Mor Diouf scored an incredible 70-yard bomb in the 88th minute in a South African Premier League match. He scored the only goal as Supersport United got the win over the Mamelodi Sundowns, 1-0.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bryci in Red

Bryci is a former "Hottie of the Day" here at the blog.  She is quickly becoming a favorite and we have had several requests to put her back on the blog.  As always, we aim to keep our 6 or 7 readers happy, so here she is!

Champagne Facials

I was hoping to find 10 or 12, but there aren't really a bunch of Champagne Facial videos on YouTube.  Here are 5 (one is hard to see and one isn't technically a facial, but its close!)

These are in no particular order (I believe that #5 is the Hottest!)  Vote for your favorite in the comments.

5 – The Different Types of Champagne Facials - A Tutorial

4 -A Hot Girl Getting a Champagne Shower (Technically not a facial, but she's Hot!)  \

3 – Some Amateur Girl Named Kirill Getting a hard to See Champagne Facial

2 – Hayden Panettiere Getting a Champagne Facial for some Show….which is better than her not getting a champagne facial….for the celebrity factor…

1 – Amazing Champagne Bottle Suckin’ Amateur

Blonde Hottie Ocean Ramsey Swimming With Sharks

Meet Ocean Ramsey. Her name is appropriate since she loves diving and she is from Hawaii. She is also a surfer and dive instructor. Sounds like my dream Girl!!!

She loves swimming with Sharks and here are a couple of her videos to prove it.

Rihanna on Instagram

This time, it is a pic of her in her new Prada Boots.

I love her tweets and instagram pics!

Nice Foam Dress

Now I just have to wait until all the tiny foam bubbles pop!!!

Hottie of the Day - Whitney Westgate

Porn Star Whitney Westgate has been chosen as our "Hottie of the Day".  For some NSFW Pics of this sexy little Vixen, Click Here.

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Girls of the World - Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda is a two-island nation known for its beaches, and is a favorite destination for yachtsmen. It is located in the sunny Caribbean and attracts thousands of sun-worshiping tourists every year.  With beautiful beaches and a ton of sun, you would think it would be easy to find a ton of Hotties from this Island nation, but it wasn't.  The only pics I could find were of Miss Antigua & Barbudas.

It Sure Was Windy in Wyoming

High wind flips over a Semi Truck in Wyoming on I-80.

Now That's a Dunk

This was from University Christian High School in Jacksonville, Florida.  Apprently the team was messing around after practice. 

Texas Pride

The Texan has a point.  That is a major Fashion Faux-Pas!

Chicago at Sunset - The Beauty!

I love Chicago and am proud to be a Native Chicagoan!  I will never leave!

World Cup Qualifying - Current Standings

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thong Thursday - Like Red?

Don't forget to check out all of our other Thongs that have made an appearance on "Thong Thursdays!"

Thong Thursdays - Bouncy

Don't forget to check out all of our other Thongs that have made an appearance on "Thong Thursdays!"

Wish I Was in the Middle of this Huddle

I Guess This Scene Was Deleted in Toy Story

Hottie of the Day - Ashley Alexa

MODEL ASHLEY ALEXA - QUE BELLA!!  If you want to see some NSFW pics of Ashley, Click Here!

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Forbidden Fruit!

Interesting Facts about some Forbidden Fruits and other food around the world.  Special thanks to Culinary for letting me share this!

Forbidden Fruit.
Infographic by Culinary Schools

Great Magazine Placement!

For anyone who doesn't get it, you need to check out the Slang Definition to Motor Boating!

Figure Skating Fail

Two Japanese Figure Skaters collide.  Maybe they were actually practicing to try out in the NHL.

Texas Schools in 2015

I found this interesting article over at The Education Fuse.  It takes a look at what Texas schools may look like in the year 2015 (That is just 2 years away!)  The future looks bleak, not just in Texas but all around.

It is a scary time to be an educator and a scary time to have students in the schools.

I have spring break next week, and I plan on writing a lengthy post about this.  So please stay tuned...

"Sweat Is Just Your Fat Crying"

My New Motto, borrowed from a sign in Alabama's New Weightroom.  ROLL TIDE!

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