Saturday, April 13, 2013

Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio

Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio in Bikini tops and Short shorts - It doesn't get any better than this!

The "O-Face" Supercut

The "O-Face" Supercut is a mix-up, mash-up of some of the most memorable O-Faces in Cinema History.  Meg Ryan, Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, Amy Smart and many others.  Check it out:

Why Yes, I Would Love Some Coffee

Party Hard!

My goal for tonight -- Get my groove on like these two Giraffes.  Heading out to a party and then downtown Chicago to go Bar Hopping.  Haven't done this for a month or two.  The last time I went to party downtown, I woke up in a stranger's house, lying on the floor in their laundry room wearing only my boxers and one sock.

Putin Is A Ladies Man

Forget Bill Clinton...Vladimir Putin has Topless chicks throwing themselves at him.  Love the Two Thumbs Up he gives her!!!

North Korean Female Soldiers Wear Heels

Yes, that is a legitimate picture of a group of North Korean Female Soldiers walking in Uniform and Yes, they are wearing High Heels!  I guess North Korea is trying to be trendy by dressing their female soldiers up in high heels because, you know...Fashion trumps practicality in North Korea!  Maybe the heels match their funky hats.  Oh well, Kim Jong-Un is a dictator and if he wants his women soldiers to wear heels, then they are going to wear heels.  I guess it is better than having them go into battle wearing only a bikini or lingerie.

If war does break it, I would hate to see them running across the battlefield in those.  How many broken heels would they have?  The North Korean Army would need to have a bunch of Shoe Repairers out in the battlefield.  And just how intimidating would it be to see a soldier coming at you wearing heels?

Also, I thought most North Koreans were starving.  The middle two soldiers look a little plump to me.  They look more like Des Moines Police Officers than soldiers ready to invade South Korea.  

Now That is Talent

A Fan at a Mariners Game catches a foul ball in his beer, then chugs the beer with the ball in it. He just started his 15 minutes of fame!

I Hope To God That is a Leg!

The Best Kim Jong-Un Memes on The Internet


Chicago Police Don't Know How to Park

Friday, April 12, 2013

Jenna Haze - Come Out to Play

Jenna Haze has made several appearances here on the blog.  She is a sexy porn star who is trying to go mainstream.  We wish her luck and hopes she makes it.  The more we can see of this beauty, the better!

Check out the sexy Jenna Haze in “Come Out to Play”, a new Video by Kaloopy Media!

The Beautiful Sophie Howard is Back

Former "Hottie of the Day" Sophie Howard is back and looking Sexy as ever in a purple bikini.  If you want to see Sophie's Boobies in all their glory, click here for some NSFW pics of our Hottie!

There Are So Many Round Things In That Room!

Just look at it.  The tire, The fitness balls, the weight balls...

Her Very Nice Round Ass!

Nikki Benz Doesn't Always Do Porn

Nikki Benz is a hottie Porn Star who has appeared on the pages of this hallowed blog before.  She is one of my fave Porn Stars.  She also makes some Non-Porn clips that are hilarious.  This is kind of old, but here is one:

Hey Nikki You're So Fine, You're So Fine You Blow my Mind...Hey Nikki!

Follow her sexy ass on twitter

We have a whole bunch of Nikki Naked. Just Click here to see the NSFW images!

Mater is in Austin

This pic was taken on South Congress, near Oltorf Ave.  Looks like Mater has finally made it to Austin.

Open Letter to Tennis

Dear Tennis,

Seriously - What is your deal? What makes you so special?  Do you really think you are "All That" by using all those words like "love" and deuce in your scores. What is wrong with a number score?  Is that too "plain" for you?  You are too good for numbers or what?  Do you have some kind of personal vendetta against 5-0, or "its all tied up" or "we have no score". Come on - "deuce"? I hate to inform you tennis, but this is a game with a ball, which should use the number system, not some kind of card game -- "Deuce!"  Really!

You think you are cool because your female players wear skirts, don't you?  Big deal!  They also grunt like hogs on an Iowa Pig farm.  And what about your fans, er..., "Spectators" as you call them.   I am sorry, but Tennis games (oops, sorry...matches) are pure boredom!  No rowdiness, no waves in the crowd, no chants.  BORING!!!  What do Tennis fans do?  They do that polite, light applause so as not to cause a major disturbance and upset the players.  Forget that.  Give me painted faces, rowdy fans and the need for extra security.  Now that is a sporting event! 

And to make matters worse, my kids are playing Wii sports resort and they have started saying things such as deuce, love and advantage.  Please!  What are you doing?  I am trying to teach my children about "real" sports and now you come and interject yourself in my family game nights!  PLEASE!  Could you please just disappear.  Either that or get about 20 new players who have the personality of John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors.  They at least had some pizzazz.  Until that day, you have been relegated to the position of "Hobbies that do not qualify as sports."

Good Day (As I make a loud Grunt in front of my computer).

Free Advice Fridays - How to Get 6-Pack Abs Without Breaking a Sweat

Want to get 6-Pack Abs without ever going to the gym? We all know that going to the gym can be painful, boring and it takes a huge chunk of time out of your day; Time that could be spent drinking beer and watching sports on TV! We here at the blog want to help all of those guys out there who want a 6-Pack but just can't find the time or motivation to work out. Here are several ways that offer alternatives to hitting the gym.

Talk About Your Fake Dives in Soccer!

I guess that it was not technically a dive.  Chilean U20 defender Bryan Carrasco was definitely struck by the Ecuadorian player. The problem is that Carrasco literally smacked himself in the face with the other player's arm. Why do players do this type of thing?  Because the ref is blind.  Carrasco received a free kick.

How to Be Like Che

This is for all of the aspiring Commies out there.  Looks like certain areas of the world becoming more and more like Che, so here is a guide to help us understand.  Now I am by no means a Commie.  I am not even a socialist!  And there is some sarcasm in this, so take it for what it is worth.

P.S.  Check out the movie "Motorcyle Diaries" and you will see the real Che.  An upper middle class med school student that had too much $$ and time on his hands.  He was really out of touch with the people he claimed to be part of. 

Your Five-Year Plan

At this point in your life you may find yourself deeply embedded in some great academic experience such as college. The lice-ridden pothead in the campus cafeteria pours out his great socialist ideas day after day. Only he and Michael Moore speak the truth; anything else is corporate propaganda. The following is a "how to" guide on being the great socialist you so dearly wish to be (please refer back to this after your first job, first child, first mortgage, and first home. See if you would like to distribute it equally to those who are more deserving).

To be like Che we must:

1. Disassociate ourselves from our trust-fund money and middle-class parents.
2. Attain the "I've been in the Amazon jungle for six weeks" look. Those clean clothes from Old Navy aren't going to cut it. Rush out and buy a Che T-shirt first. A bedraggled combat jacket is also essential. Heavy boots are a must.
3. You've had your last wash buddy! From now on all forms of personal hygiene are to be abandoned. Haircuts are a thing of the past.
4. Induce Mom and Pop to buy an old, beat-up Volvo (something from the mid 80s should do). Your fellow revolutionaries dare not see you in the Lexus or the Infinity.
5. If you have to leave the revolution (campus) for a trip home to Mom and Pop (capitalist pigs), try sleeping in the basement or outside with the trash. Your revolutionary look must be kept up at all costs.
6. Endear yourself to your fellow revolutionaries by making up tall stories of a hard life under capitalist oppression. Something along the lines of "my father was small turd farmer in Nebraska until the Republicans ruined everything."
7. Visit Starbucks not more than once a week. That stuff is expensive; you're supposed to behave like a common peasant.
8. Never be seen leaving or entering the bank.
9. Diss America.
10. Develop a mild dependence on recreational substances.
11. Exhibit utter disdain for large corporations, such as, McDonalds (until you seek employment from one, in about five years). If Che were alive today he would be actively fighting against such an "enemy."
12. Your Internet access is strictly for gathering information on the revolution.
13. While on spring break, practice revolutionary skills. Try to collapse the local government with your band of revolutionaries (drunken buffoons). Remember to bring MasterCard or Visa in case of bail.

I got thie list off of an anti-socialist website some years ago.  It was posted on my old blog.  I Forgot the URL.  Please forgive me.  I always try to credit the original writers, so if this is your work, please give me a link.

Saw Christian Slater and Steve Zahn at UIC

I was walking by UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) and saw a bunch of people and cameras.  As I got closer, I saw Christian Slater and Steve Zahn walking out of the building in the picture.  After asking around, I found out that they are filming a Pilot for an ABC TV Drama called "Influence".

Open Letter to Spring

Dear Spring,

What in God's Name is the matter with you?  Snow and below freezing Temps?  Give me a break!!!   I should be wearing nothing more than a sweatshirt now, not a winter jacket, stocking hat and gloves!  

Why?  WHY?  Answer me Spring!!!

Waiting for the Real Spring to Show up!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is it Summer or Winter in Chicago?

On the Blue Line last night, there were these two contradictory figures.  As for me, I was dressed for cold weather. WTF is going on with Mother Nature?  Snow in mid April?

Monster Energy Drink Hottie - Erika Medina

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me present Erika Medina. She is the hottest model Monster Energy Drink ever signed to a contract. Good Move Monster Energy!

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