Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our Favorite Bikinis - Yellow Bikini Girl

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Our Favorite Dresses - Night Out

SERIOUSLY!  Why Can't Women In Iowa get with the Times and Start wearing dresses like this out to nightclubs!  

If they do that, I will dress up in a toga like the guy on the left in the picture.  I PROMISE!

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My Day in Random Pictures

Slept until 8:30

Skipped Breakfast (I know, I know-Not a smart thing to do)

10-11:30 AM  Worked on the blog

11:30 - 1 PM - Did some housework (Laundry, cleaning, etc.)

1:30 - Lunch  (Pasta and Potatoes)

2 - 3:00 - Officiated a Youth Soccer Game

3:30 - 5:00 - Did some work and research. .

And that is where I am at right now.  The rest of the evening looks like this:  Buying Groceries, Dinner then some more work to prepare for this week.  No pics since this part is subject to change :) 

Take care and have a great evening!

OOOOPS - She Fell!

Hottie of the Day - Ivana Vancova

Ivana Vancova is a supermodel from Slovakia.  I am going to Slovakia next summer and have been told that the women there are incredible.  Two friends who have been there told me there are carbon copies of her walking around the cities.  I CANNOT WAIT!  Maybe the future Mrs. Harvath will be found!

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A Man With a 12-inch Pianist and Mini-Grand Piano

A woman walks into a bar and sits down next to a man. After a short while, the man reaches into his jacket and pulls out a little foot-tall miniature man dressed in a tuxedo and a tiny little grand piano. The miniature man promptly begins to sit down at the piano and begins to play the most wonderful music. Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart, the little guy is playing it all.

After a few minutes, the woman can't contain herself. She turns to the man and says "excuse me, but I can't help but wonder where you got that tiny little man and that miniature grand piano. Where on earth did you find them?"

The man responds "Oh, I found a lamp that has a genie in it, but the genie only grants you one wish. Would you like to rub the lamp and have a wish granted?" "Of course!" The woman responds.

So the woman rubs the lamp, the genie pops out, and the woman tells the genie "I would like 20 million bucks".

Instantly, there are ducks everywhere. Ducks under the bar, ducks over the bar, ducks filling up the street outside the bar. The T.V. in the bar comes on with an emergency report that ducks are taking over the town.

Over the deafening roar of the ducks, the woman looks at the man and yells "What the hell? Your genie can't hear worth a damn, I asked for 20 million bucks, not 20 million ducks!"

The guy responds "No shit! You really think I asked for a 12-inch pianist?"



A Clever KMart Commercial.

Even Wal Mart has become a Cheap Bastard!

A WHOLE 2 cents?  WOW!!!!  

May the 4th Be With You

I am a huge Star Wars fan so.....

May the 4th be with you

I would like to invite you to come on over to the dark side occasionally and read my blog at

Friday, May 3, 2013

What is She Wearing?

Is it:
A.  New Type of Lingerie
B.  A Curtain
C.  A Bedsheet
D.  It is milk being poured over her from behind.

An Unexpected Plus Of Going Shooting With a Woman

Our Favorite Bikinis - Cherries

I love bikinis, babes and cherries!  Give this bikini a 10!

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Google Earth View Catches Criminals in the Act?

It sure looks like it.  Check out the pic:

It looks as though they are dragging a dead body and are going to throw it into the lake.  It is in the Netherlands (Here is the link).  Alas, after some research, I found out that it was just a very wet dog.  No Crime.  Nothing to see here.  Move on...

I do wonder if Google Earth has ever caught a crime in action though.  We never know when they are taking the pics from the satellite up above.  Hmm...I think I have something to research this weekend!

Who Would Cut This Potato?

Could anyone with Half a Heart (No Pun Intended) cut this potato?  

Free Advice Fridays - How To Act at the Gym

And now a word about, actually make that a few words about how to act in the gym. This is purely my opinion, but all the other 200-pound guys and fit ladies that share the gym for more than New Years Resolutions will probably agree. This stuff may seem humorous, but its all true, and I have seen each one happen. Here is a list of things that could point you out as a newbie.

Funny Fitness #1 Don't stare at a dieting bodybuilder who is stuck on the treadmill. He doesnt want to be there (he wants cake) and isnt in the most friendly mood. Even though you may only be appreciating the body that he developed, he will probably still bare harsh intentions toward you!

Funny Fitness #2 Dont stare at the fitness bunny on the treadmill either. If she cant kick your butt, her dieting boyfriend on the treadmill next to her probably can.

Funny Fitness #3 Dont talk to people in the middle of their set. Like so, " Excuse me! Yes you with 400 pounds on your back, do you have many sets left? Id like to do my crunches right there!

Funny Fitness #4 If you can do an exercise in a space that doesnt require any gear, do it. Dont do curls in the squat rack, leg raises on the bench press and dont sit and talk on a bench when someone might need it.

Funny Fitness #5 Like the above, dont stand two inches from the dumbbell rack to do your laterals, people need to get in and out of there to get at the weights.

Funny Fitness #6 Dont use half of the cable crossover to do one arm triceps pushdowns and the like. The crossover machine is for chest and requires both halves. Use an independent single pulley somewhere else.

Not Funny Cell phones: At least get off the bench for the conversation.

Funny Fitness #7 The weights have homes. They like their homes. When they dont go home, they get angry and do mean things. All the little dumbbells go together and all the big ones go together. So no 15s up by the 120s. The little plates have homes also. See there was this one time during a personal training session where I grabbed a 45 off the leg press. What I didnt see was that someone had put a 25 in front of it instead of on its own peg. Off came the 45 in my hands and down went the 25 on my foot. This is a great way to learn composure if your interested.

Funny Fitness #8 If a book or shirt is on a bench, someone is trying to save it because they are doing exercises back to back. These are called "super sets" and the guys that do them are usually super big. It sure is awkward to be sitting there picking your nose when bubba comes storming around the corner. Its such an easy thing to wait a second to find out or to ask someone if they are done on the equipment.

Funny Fitness #9 While its o.k. to use a couple of machines if its not peak hours, dont monopolize the gear. You cant reserve a treadmill for an hour while you run back and forth from the weights to the treadmill to do circuit training. Boy, this one really ticks people off.

Funny Fitness #10 Watch out for I.L.S. Invisible Lat Syndrome. This is where even though there is nothing under your shirt; it looks like your carrying around two beer kegs under each arm. People are laughing at you.

Funny Fitness #11 Wipe your sweat off of the gear; no more needs to be said. Actually yes it does, especially if Im going to be putting my face in there on the lying hamstring curl. Wipe it off!

Funny Fitness #12 Change your gym clothes and don?t put them on after they have been fermenting in your locker for a week. Strong in smell doesnt count!

Funny Fitness #13 For the manly, there is a new invention called "deodorant". It runs a close second to something called the "shower". Check it out.

Funny Fitness #14 It is right and proper to ask someone for a spot on an exercise so you dont hurt yourself. The only thing to keep in mind is that your requests dont interfere with someone elses training pace or that you become a hindrance because your always using a weight that is too heavy for you.

Like wise, dont ask the personal trainer for a spot while he is in the middle of a session with someone else. At $50 an hour, your spot just cost someone $2.50.

Very Funny Fitness #15 Ladies: No more pink thongs over black spandex, please! Dont throw them away though because they may need extras if Miami Vice makes a come back.

Guys? Retire a shirt when it starts to walk on its own.

Gross Funny Fitness This is strange to me but I better mention it cause I seen it happen. Don?t blow "farmer snots" on the gym floor. Really.

Funny Fitness #16 Dumbbell presses. If you bring your knees up on the last rep, you can put the dumbbells on your knees with your arms straight and ride them until youre in the upright position as you drop your knees. This way you wont have to drop them from four feet causing a thunderous boom that scares the crap out of everyone and bending the dumbbells so they look like 100-pound bananas.

Funny Fitness #17 For the guys, if your going to shave, comb your hair, brush your teeth or whatever in front of the mirror, keep your cloths on. As comfortable as you may be with yourself, we dont need someone we dont know selling hot dogs in the locker room.

The showers are single purpose. If I see anything other than clear water running around my feet, I'm going to freak.

Good Point!

I love Burritos!  This was a sign help up at one of those Arizona Rallys for Immigrants.

People Who Park Like This...

...Deserve a punch in the face!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thong Thursdays - Sky Blue

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Our Favorite Bikinis - MILF in a Bikini

We have had several requests this week for MILFS - So Here You Go!

Thong Thursdays - Even with a Sweatshirt, A Thong Looks Good

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Hottie of the Day - Mia Rose

Mia Rose is a porn star actress who's been around since 2006. She is currently 26 years old and still very active in porn. Her older sister is Porn Star Ava Rose. Nothing like having your big sister talk you into doing porn.

Fun Fact - She was born and raised in Alaska!

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My Friend Likes to Launder Money

Sam, You are Stupid!  He put a bunch of $$$ in a dryer, took a pic and posted it to facebook with the Title "I am the King of Money Laundering"  That one is old Sam!!!

Although I do give him kudos in that most of the bills are $10's and $20's.  Must have a thousand dollars there.  How the hell did you get that kind of dough?  You are a first year teacher!

Pussy Pop - Soda for your Cat

Who comes up with these products?  And do cats really drink it?  I thought cats only drank water and milk...

Lance Armstrong Still Has One Supporter

Our Favorite Dresses - Sexy!

I have no idea who this is or what this dress is called.  All I know is that it is SEXY and I would love to see this dress become standard nighclub attire!

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Hooters is Hard-up For Waitresses!

When they start hiring guys who dress like this...I would say Hooters' time is just about up!

And chalk this one up as another post for the ladies  :)  

Prom Memories

Poor Little Guy!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hot Bikini Babe Farting at the Beach

Nice prank!  A Hottie goes to the beach and asks a guy to rub some sunscreen lotion on her back.  What guy wouldn't do that.  Then, she starts farting.

Me personally, I wouldn't care. We all fart.  No big deal.  As a matter of fact, farting is an excellent measure of a relationship.  When you are finally comfortable enough to fart in front of each other, it is probably time to take the relationship to the next level.

Thanks to BREAK for the video

The Seven Most Memorable Lesbian Kisses in Movie History

I think we can all agree that, whether it is a little peck on the lips, a quick mouth on mouth kiss or full girl on girl action, nothing makes a movie become more interesting more quickly than a lesbian scene. We here at the blog have sacrificed many hours to watch movies that had lesbian scenes in them and we have chosen these 7 scenes as our favorite and most memorable Lesbian Movie Kiss Scenes!

7. Gia
Angleina Jolie plays the Model Gia.  Gia had a drug problem and she also liked sex.  Sex with women too.  This is memorable because it had Angelina Jolie in her Prime, when she was the hottest, kissing Elizabeth Mitchell's character.  All in all, they had numerous kisses on-screen and a couple of sex scenes.  Seeing Angelina Jolie make out with another good looking women was almost too much to take!!!
6. Bound
Bound starred a Hot Gina Gerhson and a good-looking Jennifer Tilly.  The movie was one of the earliest movies to actually focus the plot on a lesbian relationship.  That means it was also one of the first movies that had more than just a quick lesbian kissing scene.  There were several rather passionate lesbian kisses in this one.  Pick up the unrated version and there is an extremely realistic sex scene between the two women in all of its uncut glory.

5. Soul Survivors
This one was an out of the blue surprise. Eliza Dushku's unexpected same-sex kiss in Soul Survivors is the only good thing about this movie. The movie sucks but the lesbian kiss scene was so good it made it to #5 on our list.   Dushku's character makes out with another character and also rips open actress Angela Featherstone's shirt and grabs her breasts while the two of them are making out. A Very Hot and intense scene!
4. Embrace of the Vampire
Alyssa Milano is my ultimate MILF. I still hold out hope that she will one day marry me. She has been fueling male fantasies for at least 3 decades now and she still looks Hot as Hell! Her on screen lesbian kiss in this movie was a dream come true for Milano fans. Embrace of the Vampire sucks as a vampire movie, Hell it sucks as a movie in general, but it is a worth see just for Milano's lesbian kiss. Fast Forward to that part and skip the rest of the movie.   
3. Wild Things
My personal favorite, but the other guys didn't agree that it should have been #1. The sexy pool scene between the characters portrayed by Neve Campbell and Denise Richards not only featured an impressively long make-out session, but it also showcased two gorgeous women taking their tops off. A double whammy!  I fantasized about that scene for weeks, months, years!  I still stop and watch it whenever it is on HBO or some other movie channel. 

2. Cruel Intentions
This was a pretty good movie to begin with.  We are going along watching hotties wheel and deal in lying and deceit.  My kind of movie.  Then we get to the scene when Sarah Michelle Gellar's character teaches Selma Blair's character how to kiss. WOW!  That made an already good movie great!  What a scene. I vividly remember the saliva trail that was left hanging between their lips.  There was no denying that those two actually French Kissed and it was Hot!  One of the best Lesbian Kisses of all time caught on the Silver Screen.
1. Black Swan
Sweet little Natalie Portman was all grown-up in this movie.  Black Swan was a Darren Aronofsky film so you knew there was going to be some weird stuff in it.  I went to the movie in the theater not knowing a single thing about it.  I was glad I went.  Watching Natalie Portman Make out with Mila Kunis in one of the hottest lesbian scenes ever put to film was definitely worth it. Portman's uninhibited sexual performance earned her an Oscar for Best Actress, and admiration from guys across the globe who had been waiting for her to drop the innocent routine and get a little dirty. It didn't hurt that the other woman was the insatiable Mila Kunis.  How many guys (and girls) fantasized about having a threesome with those two after the movie!  The only drawback was that I was on a first date with a girl and we decided to go see the movie at the last minute because she had been a ballet dancer most of her life.  It was a little awkward to see those scenes on a first date.

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