Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Favorite Dresses - Clubwear

It is nice when we can have one post fit into two of our posting categories (Our Readers and Our Favorite Dresses).  This is Our Reader Ivonne Garcia.  She sent us this pic of her (THANKS IVONNE!).  She lives in Miami and this is what she is going to be wearing out to the clubs tonight.  WOW!  Love the dress although I have to say I wouldn't want my daughter wearing that. I hope she is going with a Big Boyfriend cuz every Asshole in the joint is gonna be hitting on her wearing that.

Why Can't I Ever Find This?

WHY is it that I never walk into a store and find half-naked chicks shopping (Check that - Hot Half Naked Chicks.  I have unfortunately seen half naked ugly chicks at Walmart!).  Just once I want to walk into a convenience store and just have my jaw drop because there is a hottie wearing lingerie or a wet T-Shirt or nothing!  Come on Ladies of Iowa - Could you do that for me?

This is My Kind of Forecast!

Could be the Makings of a Perfect Saturday Night!

Lauren Pope in a Whipped Cream Bikini

I guess it technically can't be one of "Our Favorite Bikinis" since it really isn't a bikini but...DAMN!

Hottie of the Day - Emma K

Emma K. is a sexy 19 year old British Model.  She is just getting started in the modeling bizz so we thought we would help her out and give her some exposure over here in the states (like she needs it!) W even have a video of her after all of her sexy pics -  ENJOY!

And Here's The video:

Emma K Behind the scenes from Snow Leopard on Vimeo.

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What Happens When You Leave a Pizza in the Oven Too Long?

By too long, I mean two and a half weeks too long. Somebody popped two pizzas in the oven, forgot about them, went on vacation and came back to find this.

Just a little moldy!

169 Computer Generated Dildos

Ever wanted to watch 169 falling computer-generated dildos. Wait till the end, there is a surprise That last one is based on my personal Pee-Pee!!!

The Man Town Smell

It was about time!  Yankee Candles has unleashed a line of scented candles aimed at men. The line of candles features stuff that guys apparently love to smell, like popcorn and bacon and something called “Man Town."  Not sure what "Man Town" is but it kind of scares the crap out of me.  When I think of Man Town I think of dirty socks, stale pizza, beer and piss.  EWWW!!!!

100 Horror Movie Spoiliers in 5 Minutes


These Guys Must Think They are The Blues Brothers

Remember the scene in the move "The Blues Brothers" where they drive through a Chicago Mall?  If you don't, here it is

A couple of dudes in Poland tried to recreate the scene by driving through a supermarket called Tesco.  See for yourself:

Friday, May 24, 2013

OMG - Does She Give Private Lessons

WOW!  That is a Sexy Dance!!!

1st Weekend at the Lake

Going boating this weekend!  Hoping to see this:

But will probably see this:

Our Favorite Bikinis - Latina Bursting Out

WOW!  Look at that...Bikini!  What a beautiful...Bikini    :)

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Hottie of the Day - Sara

For all of you lover's of Short Haired Hotties, Here is Sara from some website called "Wicked Weasel Micro Bikinis" modeling some bathing suits.  What a beauty!!!

That Window Has Been MacGyvered!

WTF - Car Towing a Motorcycle?

A Car Towing a Motorcycle with a Rider on it!  That is an accident waiting to happen.  You see it all in TEXAS!

BAM! Mr. Willie the WalMart Greeter

Too Bad WalMart Did away with their greeters (At least they have here - Haven't seen one in a couple of years) because this WalMart Greeter would make my day!!!

Oh Canada...

In America, we building swimming pools in our backyards.  In Canada, they build Hockey Rinks.  Actually, this is pretty cool.

Brit Cutie Roz Kelly Has a Teleprompter Mishap

Stand-in TODAY host and potential hottie, Roz Kelly couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth recently because...Karl changed the text on her teleprompter.

The Two Faces of Obama

I keep telling myself: "Just Three More Years.  I Can Make It!"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Underboob Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

Thong Thursday - Kitchen Thong

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Our Favorite Dresses - Love Those Tight Black Ones

Tight Black Dresses - WOW! Nothing beats them.  This petite hottie sure knows how to wear one.

I Would Agree With Those Panties!

Why Yes, That is a Hot Bottom!!!

That is the bottom of Tania Raymonde and the GIF comes from the movie Wild Cherry:

Thong Thursdays - Enjoy These Random Thongs

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Be Careful Who You Taunt!

Because Some of those Taunts will come back to Bite Your Ass!!!

Ever Wonder What Happens When you Wring Out Water at Zero Gravity?

BWO International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield and Andy Moore has the answer:

Very Cool!

Faygo Moon Mist Margarita - The Detroit 'Rita

According to blog reader Isiah, this is how they make Margaritas in Detroit. Faygo Moon Mist is a soft drink from Detroit kind of like Sprite.  Ladies and Gentleman - The Detroit 'Rita!!!

Ice Cream Cones Cereal

Anybody remember this cereal?  I do.  I actually tried this stuff in the late 80's.

This cereal came out in 1987 and didn't last long.  It was full of sugar and unhealthy as hell.  I remember I talked my mom into buying a box.  She served it to me and looked at the label and said "This is pure junk food!  Enjoy that box cuz I am never buying this stuff again."  And she never did.

General Mills were geniuses though.  I mean...ICE CREAM CONES FOR BREAKFAST!?!?!?  What kid wouldn't want that?  They were tiny ice cream cones with a little white ball on top of it.   I think the balls were marshmallows. Either that or small soft balls of pure sugar!  Anyway, the cereal was pulled off the shelf after just one year.  I guess there were a lot of moms like mine that just refused to buy it.

They did have a catchy commercial staring Ice Cream Cones Jones. I found that online.  I guess Ice Cream Cones Cereal Will live forever on Youtube!!!

Want to Play a Prank on Ants?

The scent of a sharpie marker traps ants by disrupting their pheromone trails.  Now I have Got Those Bastards!  Check out the video:

Our Favorite Songs - The Outfield "Your Love"

Although I didn't grow up in the 80's, I love the music. Here is one of my favorites...

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