Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bikini Top That Just Isn't Big Enough

She needs to go up a couple of cup sizes or have a Breast Reduction Surgery...Or Just go Topless!!!

Garter Belt Anyone!

Gonna Party Hard on 6th Street Tonight

If I get Drunk enough, I start dancing like this!  I am ready to go.      

Just Posted on a Friend's Facebook Feed

...and since she is a good friend, it showed up on mine.  The girl lying down is her 19 year old daughter.  The other two girls are friends of her daughter.  I sure as Hell wouldn't want my daughter lying spread eagle, pantyless (She may have a G-String, but I can't see it) with a bottle of vodka between her legs while underage circulating around facebook.  The mom's name is Cheryl and she told me it was posted by her daughter to her page.

Cheryl thinks the pic is alright to post because:
a.  her daughter is having fun
b.  They aren't showing any of their private parts.  The bottle is covering her daughter up and her friends still have their panties on.
c.  Just because she is holding a bottle of alcohol doesn't mean they were drinking it (Yeah, Right Cheryl!  Sounds like you are in denial)
d.  Girls will be Girls

Sorry Cheryl, but we have some different points of view on parenting.  I can see that your daughter is taking after your wild ways!!!

Still love ya Cheryl!

My Corn Twist Had an Odd Shape

My Corn Twist today had an odd shape.

Hottie of the Day - Jesse Preston

Jesse Preston is a Playboy Model, Actress and Babe.

The twins are looking great here aren't they?...Jesse loves posting self pics on her twitter account.  Keep up the good work.

Follow Jesse on Twitter @JessePrestonX for more pics like this one.

More Pics Below

And We Even Have Some NSFW Pics of Jesse if you care to take a gander at those.

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16 Annoying Things About Being A Girl

Sent to us by my friend Cheryl.  16 Annoying Things About Being a Girl

My Hobby - Taking Pictures of Clouds

No, I am not a storm chaser, but I do love clouds. Strange weird hobby, I know. Living in Texas, we get some major storms blowing through the area.  One I see a cool cloud (storm cloud or non-storm cloud) I snap a photo.  Here are some of my favorites:
After the Storm

Looking up over the Skyway

Driving into Austin, Texas

Lightning Strike on Lake Travis

Hill Country Clouds

Near Muskogee, Oklahoma

New Mexico

Near Waco, Texas

Over our Ranch

Kansas Clouds

I will post more as I get them.  Enjoy!


Trust Fall - FAIL!

Would you Hire These Guys?

Friday, June 7, 2013

I Miss Texas

...Especially Texas Women!  To lift my spirits (And hopefully yours) here are some of the hottest Texas Women I have found!

How 'Bout Some Tail?

I Need to Go to a Paint Party!

I guess a paint party is usually at a club or outdoors and is where they spray or paint you up with neon paint that glows under a blacklight.  There are usually a lot of hotties there wearing next to nothing.  My Kind of Party!

Hottie of the Day - Lana Kendrick

Lana Kendrick is some glamour/pin-up model who is a looker with big boobs.  You can even see a little underboob in that pic to the left.  (Look closely for those of you who aren't already.  I know that is where your eyes are focused!)  Don't forget to check out the sexy (NSFW) video of her after the pics!  

You can follow her on twitter:

And Don't forget to check out our Other Hotties of the Day!

NSFW Video of Lana Here

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