Saturday, June 22, 2013

Nice Body - But Those Lips!

Maybe just a tad too much Botox!  

Aussie Ellie Gonsalves is Our Hottie of the Day

Ellie Gonsalves is an Aussie Model and Swimwear Designer.  One of the Most beautiful creatures from the Land Down Under.  Follow her glorious Twitter Feed:  @EllieGonsalves

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Summertime - I Love You!

Bikinis, Beaches - Life Couldn't get any better!

Hottie of the Day - Valeria Orsini

Valeria Orsini is a beautiful model who is part Colombian, part Italian and part Puerto Rican.  That Combo has produced a stunning woman.  Enjoy our Hottie of the Day!!!

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The Saintsations (New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders) Lip Sync a Video

The New Orleans Saints cheerleaders lip sync "22" by Taylor Swift. Not my favorite so do but anytime you can watch Hotties in Bikinis down on the Bayou...I'm Down With That!!!

Beer and Bacon Battered Deep Fried Bacon

Tried this this week after I saw it online somewhere. I wanted to make Deep Fried Bacon. I mixed some beer, flour and Panko for the batter, but I wasn't done. I also threw in some diced pieces of bacon for that Extra Manly Bacon taste. That is right everyone, I battered my bacon strips with a beer batter that had even more bacon in it!

How did they turn out? Scrumptious!!! I know it isn't healthy, but DAMN it was good! If I ever open a restaurant up, this is going to be the most popular appetizer, Mark My Words!!!

WTF - Motorcycle Rider with No Pants

That is going to be some serious Road Rash if he wipes out!

Why The Hell Not? _ British Commentator for MLB

This is the second post in our "Why The Hell Not?" Series.  Have you ever wondered what Baseball would sound like if they employed British Announcers?  Let's Find Out!

Hilarious!  I think they should stick to Footie.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

The "O-Face" Supercut

Mostly SFW...

Grand Indeed!

Just aw her shirt reads "Grand", those are Grand indeed!  The perfect shirt for that chest...

Our Reader Wearing One of Our Favorite Dresses

A reader named Bella sent this self-pic of her in a beautiful, tight, short Black Dress.  Thanks Bella and please send more pics!

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Here are some pics of our Readers!

Our Favorite Bikinis - Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco

Kind of an old pic of Kaley, but I truly believe she is getting better looking with time!  Enjoy

Hottie of the Day - Aline Riscado

Aline Riscado has already been featured on this blog. Remember the Picture below? Aline is a Brazilian Fitness Model and Dancer for one of the countries most popular Variety Shows.

Thank God we found some NSFW pics of Aline. WOW - What a Body!!!

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Chia Seed Chocolate Pudding

1 tablespoon of Chia seeds has 60 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 3 grams of protein.  They are eaten regularly throughout the world.  I used to eat them as a topping on ice cream and yogurt.  Try this and see if you like it!

1. Mix 4 tablespoons of chia seeds with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk and a pinch of salt. Mix.

2. Warm 3 tablespoons (or less) of raw honey by adding it to a cup that you place in a bowl of warm water. (ie, don't microwave it.) Mix the melted honey into the chia and almond milk mixture.

3. Add a pinch of cayenne (if you'd like). Add 1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla extract. And then mix in 3 tablespoons of Cacao Powder.

4. Put that mix in the fridge for 3 hours and you have one damn good chocolate pudding. Add raw almonds, walnuts, and or strawberries to finish that off.

Make up other flavors as you'd like. I have tried it without the cayenne and Cacao also. Good Stuff!

Words Women Use and Their Meanings - Free Advice Fridays

(1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

(2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

(3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.

(4) Go Ahead: This is a dare, not permission. Don’t Do It!

(5) Loud Sigh: This is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to # 3 for the meaning of nothing.)

(6) That’s Okay: This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That’s okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

(7) Thanks: A woman is thanking you, do not question, or faint. Just say you’re welcome. (I want to add in a clause here – This is true, unless she says ‘Thanks a lot’ – that is PURE sarcasm and she is not thanking you at all. DO NOT say ‘you’re welcome’ . That will bring on a ‘whatever’).

(8) Whatever: Is a woman’s way of saying F– YOU!

(9) Don’t worry about it, I got it: Another dangerous statement, meaning this is something that a woman has told a man to do several times, but is now doing it herself. This will later result in a man asking ‘What’s wrong?’ For the woman’s response refer to # 3.

Cherries and Bananas - Advice on Office Affairs

Our "Cherries and Bananas" Column today is doubling as our "Free Advice Fridays" Column as we are offering up some great advice for my buddy Dave, but it really applies to anyone involved in an Office Affair.

A few guys that I work with and other assorted friends went out to El Bait Shop (A Des Moines Bar/Restaurant) for some beers after work. A guy named Dave, who I just met that evening got a little drunk and found out I blog and give out advice so he told me his predicament and wanted to know what I thought. I immediately told him this would be a good one for our “Cherries and Bananas” series and he would get the opinions of two “Experts”, one male and one female. He loved the idea.

So this is Dave’s story:  Dave has been messing around with a woman in his office (He works for a Big Banking and Insurance Company) for about 10 months.  The woman is married and he calls her a MILF.  She is 12 years older than him (He is 30 and she is 42), has a killer body and beautiful face, and is fun to be around.  He started it because she was always complaining about her husband and can’t stand him, but they have three kids together.  She had said they were only together for the kids.  The fling is still going on strong, but he is starting to get feelings for her.  He could see himself in a relationship with this woman.  Dave wants to know if there is any chance that something that started out as a fling could turn into a long-term relationship. 
Bananas:  Dave, WOW!  I started to tell you at the bar, but I held back because I wanted to write it all down.  DAVE, there are so many things wrong here, I don’t even know where to begin. 
First off, you are sleeping with a married woman.  WOW!  Think about that.  You have a couple of possibilities here.  You are either going to end up with a ready-made family and have to deal with a very pissed off ex butting into your life forever or you are going to get the shit beat out of you buy her husband.  I guess there is a third option now that you are falling for her…You might end up stalking her, parking outside her house, watching her through the windows, climbing trees to get a better view. 
This leads me to the second major thing wrong here: IF you are starting an affair (Which I don’t condone by the way) and you both know it is just a “Fling” as you said the other night, then you must never, ever get emotionally attached to her.  That is only going to cause some major problems as you are finding out. 
You also broke one of the Cardinal Guy Rules which is written as follows: Never Get it On with a Co-Worker.  I don’t care if it is a Salma Hayek look alike or a former all-American Gynmast, DON’T Do It.  9 times out of 10, it ends poorly.  Stay away from office romances, especially with a Co-Worker who is Married!!!
You also told me that you are 12 years apart.  I think it is safe to say that you two are in very different places in your lives.  She is doing the family thing, you are the single dude who is at a point where he is thinking of settling down.  Have you ever thought that after three kids, she may not want more kids.  Plus, she is getting up there to have young ones.  I assume you want your own kids, most men do.  You also said she and her hubby are together for the kids.  So what is the plan?  They are going to stay together and then get a divorce after they go off to College?  I believe you said the youngest one was 7, so that means you have at least another 10 or 11 years til that one graduates.  That would put her at 52 and probably hitting menopause.  No more kids for her.  Is that what you want? 
Also, how sure are you that this woman is really on the outs with her hubby?  Is she just playing you in order to spice up her sex life?  Is she really going to leave the guy someday?  I think you need to sit down and have a talk about how she feels about your “fling.”
Honestly Dave, I think you are being mislead.  If that woman wanted to leave her Husband and her beautiful suburban home to move into your downtown one bedroom apartment, she probably would have already mentioned it to you.  If there has been no talk by her of taking this thing further after 10 months, then I don’t think she is even thinking about it. You two have been at it for almost one year.  She is comfortable with it and doesn’t want it to go any further than a fling or she would have said something. 
You now have two options:  1.  You can keep quiet about your feelings and keep having awesome sex with a hot MILF or 2.  You could open up and talk about your feelings.  Be forewarned that option #2 will probably mean the end of your MILF Sex. 
I will shut up for now.  Let’s get our “Cherries” to chime in.  Lanthie, what would you tell Dave…

Well Dave this is a tricky one.  When this fling started the two of you were probably after the same thing – some Hot Sex.  The fact that the two of you are still having hot sex after 10 months says a lot about the connection made between the two of you. 

The age difference probably makes her feel really good (Wish I had a 30 something year old knocking at my door!) and the fact that she is 12 years older than you probably means she is an experienced lover (I believe older woman make the best lovers).

Speaking as a woman – no woman is capable of having hot sex for this amount of time without having some feelings and I would surmise she is terrified of opening up and telling you about her feelings in case it scares you off.  Assuming of course that you two actually get it on on a regular basis and not just once every 2 months at the office party. 

She is at a stage in her life where she has made a life for herself.  She has a husband and three kids and it is not easy to walk away from all this for any reason, regardless of her feelings for you.

She probably has doubts about what you are after and thinks that there is no place for her in your life in the future (and she would be right) – the age difference is HUGE.   Not sure who initiated the fling in the first place.  Not to mention the fact that you probably want your own children one day.  And even if you don’t want children now, you may feel totally different in years to come.  This is something she can never give you. I am pretty sure she does not want any more children and at her age it would be pretty risky anyway.

Your choices are as follows:
1.  Continue having Hot Sex and keep your feelings to yourself.
2.  Fess up and tell her about your feelings.  But when you do, you had better have a plan. There is no dating period in this scenario – the fling will go straight into a committed relationship.   She will be expecting you to have a plan for her and her kids – there is no way she is going anywhere without them and if you want her in your life, there had better be space for 3 kids and you had better be prepared to play Dad.  This is a huge amount of responsibility to take on. And don’t forget you risk losing her altogether if you tell her.

To be perfectly honest, in my opinion it will never be a long term relationship and at some point one of you will walk away.  This relationship could never work. So have some great sex and enjoy it and manage your feelings and expectations.

You see I could possibly be this hot MILF so I can identify with her.

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Things Aren't Looking Good for Me

According to this little clipping, I am screwed.  Let's see, I have: (see below)
*Followed some Eastern Religions (Although they aren't really religions, they are Philosophies)
*Tried Yoga (although it was more to watch the girls in Yoga Pants than actually practice yoga)
*Astrology - I sometimes check my Horoscope
*Tarot Cards - Used them once a couple of times
*Ouija boards - Used them twice and nothing happened either time
*Voodoo - Witnessed a Voodoo Ceremony in New Orleans, but did not take part in it.
*Earth Worship - Shouldn't we all worship the Earth? Aren't we supposed to be taking care of it?
*Vegentarianism - Went through an 8 month vegetarian phase
*Video Games - I play them
*Harry Potter - I watched all the movies
*Halloween - One of my favorite holidays (Love the Slutty Costumes)
*Fornication - HELLO!  I Fornicate as often as I can
*Rock Music - ROCK ON!!!
*Burning Man  - Never been but want to.  Looks like a wild party
*Goth Culture - Not part of it but I have slept with a few Goth Chicks.  Love those Goth Girls!

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